Sony Battles Fake Playstation Support Spam

Sony thought it was sending out "support" for the new PlayStation 3 iPlayer app, they were actually sending out spam links.

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TomInc2354d ago

Retweeting dangerous links? Wtf..

yen8882354d ago

They didn't check the link before hand, not sure why

Dan_Vivian2354d ago

That's not a good thing for Sony to be doing. They are already being scrutinised because of the whole hacking thing. This just isn't doing them any good.

Droid Control2354d ago

Sony... (Shakes head and turns on 360)

BeAGamer2354d ago

Fanboy...(Shakes head and clicks disagree)

Spenok2354d ago

Lmao. Very good one. Made my night xD

Dart892354d ago

Then remembers it has no games :D.

*turns xbox360 back off*.

newleaf2354d ago

Mortal Kombat sure looks like a game...portal 2 noire also hey...and crysis 2? Yep, also a i must be mistaken, only white knight chronicles 2 and socom 4 are games...right?

miDnIghtEr2354d ago

Wow... They really have learned nothing.

Blaine2354d ago

You call that a battle? Pathetic headline.