Deus Ex: New Vision - Making A Ten Year Old Game Look Like New

Do you like Deus Ex from the year 2000? Do you know Deus Ex: New Vision? No? You should! It's a graphics mod for the old but great action RPG. It is really impressive. Check it out!

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gravemaker2240d ago

its still looks like shit from 2001

SilentNegotiator2240d ago

Yeah, this isn't really all that impressive of a mod.

frelyler2240d ago

Graphics are not everything, game play is just as important. You need to take a more intelligent view of things. Because a book was written long ago does not mean it is shitty.

SilentNegotiator2240d ago

Do people ALWAYS need to assume that people are enveloped in graphics? He said it "LOOKS" like something from 2001. That doesn't necessarily mean anything about the gameplay. Just because you say something negative regarding the graphics, doesn't mean you're saying the game is bad. And he didn't say the game was bad.

frelyler2239d ago

Really? read his comment, he was not nearly as mature as your post would lead one to believe. Had he said the graphics still look dated, then I would agree with you. Based on the negative connotation of his comment he sounds ignorant and like most gamers that were raised in the COD era he would look at the graphics and not even try it. Let alone consider for maybe a second that the game play is good.

SilentNegotiator2239d ago

LOL, you think you deduced all of that from his diction. That's nice.