Limbo (game insight)

Limbo a game most of us have heard of but there are a few people that have no idea this will give those people an idea of what the game is like.

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Alos882540d ago

It starts in a forest, not a jungle.

Writer2540d ago

and the difference would be???

RioKing2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

^^A forest consists of trees only, whereas a jungle has other plants and grasses. Forest floors have access to about 1 per cent of the sunlight that is available at the tree-tops. Areas of a forest which are damaged (e.g. by a hurricane) and become exposed to sunlight become jungles (jungles grow). Forests are more dense, and jungles are supposedly taller.

Writer2539d ago

ok granted that all these points are valid but how can you tell in the game and most people don't even know the difference

RioKing2539d ago

Oh I can't tell it in the game and I personally don't care about it either.