Games to blame for London riots?

BeefJack: "Tomorrow, a newspaper will allegedly run a story which links this weekend’s London violence with the Grand Theft Auto series. It’s tempting to rally against such ideas – but are we missing the wider context?"

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Jacobite2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Its just scum that use any cause to commit crimes, the ones that were looting the shops on TV should be hunted down like the vermin that they are, their always some excuse for these people its the games, its society, its no one understands me, I'm not going to do that job its beneath me, oh its the drugs/drink, nobody loves me, dam them, grow a pair and get on with life like the rest of us gggggrrrrrr just because I,ve not got it so I will just destroy it, steal it make every one else life hard. Blame games I blame their parents and these ass kissing good for nothing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX thats it away for a cup of tea lol

solidworm2536d ago

Games are to blame for the death of Jesus,the fire of London,9/11 and for my team getting spanked 44-4 last week.Fuck Games man.

Quagmire2535d ago

Wow, that must've been one helluva soccer game.

Pro_TactX2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I blame the rioters, but I am old school like that. I was born in a time when people were responsible for their actions.

Frankly it surprises me a bit that this type of story resounds so well with the masses. I understand that people love shifting responsibility, but blaming video games for violet acts is akin to admitting that you do not have control over your own life.

It surprises me that more people aren't offended that the media is suggesting that people have no free will.

mastiffchild2536d ago

Well, I'm old enough to recall the riots from 81 in London(Brixton etc and Toxteth in Liverpool and in Handsworth, B'ham)and THEY weren't caused or fuelled by gaming, now were they? Unless Asteroids sent them over the edge rather than unemployment, feeling powerless and disenfranchised or racially and socially discriminated against.

To me these riots are a symptom of the things going on in the UK and the World right now. The Tory Govt in the UK(forget the LibDems as they're just a scapegoat when Cameron needs someone to say unpopular things)has decided the worrking and poor need to make the cuts to save the economy and has made them so deep and so short term that those of us at the bottom of the poverty barrel feel like there's no way out. Bankers caused it and the poor have, it seems to suffer while their bonus payments stay sky high!

Add to that dubious policing methods and a couple of racial flashpoints and, voila, it's '81 all over again. Nothing to do with games but as the press in the UK is almost entirely Conservative in it'as outlook and bias then of course they won't blame the current economic climate forced upon us all but the people from working or unemployed backgrounds for EVERYTHING. Riots happen when people feel they have no voice or are being put upon, ignored and, in a few cases openly abused by authority and authority figures. Nobody takes rioting lightly and we shouldn't imagine that because a few idiots decide to use them as a chance to loot that there isn't a serious set of underlying social issues behind these riots.

If a paper wants to blame gaming then they're being both ignorant of history and current feelings AND being facile too. It's to deflect any and every bit of blame away from the government they helped elect. Sad to say, but this was coming and whatever games people play has nothing whatsoever to do with it unless they find a link since before gaming existed for all the riots that have always gone on around the world.

Naturally, there's nothing but economics and discrimination behind all this but you won't see this rationalised if there's an easy, non govt scapegoat at hand! Gas is gfoing up 25%(again!) and electricity by 15% so factor in people who feel socially ignored and/or racially discriminated against and the recipe is there for riots and esp when they see no signs of work around the corner because the cuts were made with only the rich in mind when they should have taken things a bit more slowly-there's never any middle ground with Tories, never.

Ace_Man_62536d ago

why the fuck did this get Approved?!

Northtouch2536d ago

Just another silly article to get hits.

BTW i live in tottenham, its 3 minutes walk to that burnt down building i went there yesterday the whole high road got raped.

Ace_Man_62534d ago

Crap :( I've been watching it all on Sky news and BBC news, luckily I'm not living near it all

tdrules2536d ago

Is This Article Terrible?

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