XBLAFancast – Fruit Ninja Kinect Special

In this special episode of the XBLAFancast XBLA Fans chats with Matt Knights of Halfbrick Studios about their upcoming game, Fruit Ninja Kinect. We discuss what exactly Fruit Ninja is, for those who haven’t played the portable version, and how it’s been changed to suit the Kinect interface. Matt explains the additions to the game including more blades and backgrounds in the dojo and a whole new feature for unlocking new shadows. Unlike the portable version, FNK has a multiplayer mode, so we talk about that as well, how it’s different from the solo and what players can expect from it.

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cain1412511d ago

I really want to know what HalfBrick means...

smmelton2511d ago

These guys are great. They just seem to understand what simply fun is all about, and they go for it.

Pikajew2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

such a hard core game

JellyJelly2510d ago

Your level of whining is hardcore.

2510d ago