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H21: "How the #[email protected]! should I know? Somehow, reports indicate that the London Evening Standard has indicated it could claim the events seen in London for the last two days were inspired by Grand Theft Auto. While I'm a gamer ready to defend gaming's honor, I'm also a realist and an observer. How did GTA get blamed for London riots?"

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Optical_Matrix2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

The riots last night were an absolute joke. Being a Londoner, I'm embarrassed. How does this make us look to the rest of the world, being the city that will host the Olympic games next year? I was listening to LBC on the radio all night into the early hours hearing all the callers updates on the situation and the way it gradually spread was a joke.

Make no mistake though. GTA had nothing to do with this. Nothing at all and the LES should be a shamed for even suggesting such a farcical suspicion. This the riots that happened in Tottenham on Saturday was due to the fact that the Met Police, are quite frankly terrible when it comes to policing our city and working with the community in economically changed area's like North and East London.

The subsequent riots, were purely down to greed and straight criminality. They weren't looting for the sake of the man that was shot dead by the police on thursday, they were young people looking to cause trouble and were ok using the death of this man as a scapegoat for their anarchistic actions. A joke. Absolute joke. Under the Cameron government, expect more of this foolishness to happen. One only needs to look back at the National Demo in London in November which started off as a student protest and turned into a citywide riot.

It's all down to straight criminality, poor upbringing and the governments absolute bottlenecking of the opportunities presented to the young people of Britain. There are much wider issues at play here. I'm just lucky I got my university place last year and have secured a means to create a more sure future for myself.

Rant over, sorry N4G lol

iamnsuperman2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

The looting as well made no sense. A small group came to riot over the killing of a gang member, the rest joined in the hell of it and saw an opportunity to loot. They all should be ashamed. Reminds me of the student riots. A small group wanted to make a difference the others looking out for a fight. I hope the police start arresting these thieves and the government does something to clamp down and stop these riots

NewMonday2482d ago

bubbles for an intelligent comment

subtenko2482d ago

There are no riots in gta 0_o....but thats a good idea for GTA5! Pay attention R* I think you guys can actually use all this negative press for ideas for GTA5. Be like "ya know what, since every news outlet and angry parent complained about so much sh**, we're gonna go all out and put all of it in GTA5. Thanks for the attention..idiots :P"

People are just gonna have to shut up and accept it. Some company out there should put there foot down and say enough of this BS, we dont care about these no life complainers. If they ever are attempted to get banned or in trouble, R* should be smart enough to know what they can and cannot do within reason. Showing how that movie, and that game, and this movie and this game all have stuff people go against, yet no one complained about it/ nothing got banned.

So..I propose Deadspace2 to be blamed for the horrific things done to children... ( only to make a point to the douches who blame video games and not people)

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

r1sh122482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

The riots barely made news in the USA..
Check all the news sites in the US, less than a 30 second segment.
Im also from London but the riots started because of the confusion about facts of the police shooting and killing someone.
The looting came from no where, I was driving around in enfield just dropping someone home when someone rolled over the front of my car, smashed into a JD sports and ran out with boxes..We also saw near wilsden green high street people had broken into Mcdonalds and they were cooking food...

Also the riots got this big because there arent enough riot police to stop them, the only way this gets stopped is if more police are bought in from other areas which could result in crime going up in those areas or...The army come in, but that would never happen in the UK.
In the space of 6 hours a small town in the north of london was set a-light.
My friend called the police and they said "we are already busy enough sir" WTF...
Budget cuts is why this got soo bad,
and BTW they are blaming social sites like facebook, twitter and Blackberry messenger for helping spread the chaos.
If anyone says this is because of a game is a little silly, the speed at which news and messages spread is the reason why the middle east uprising was so actively spread...Blame ourselves
@whitelightning we dont have SWAT here, its ARU armed response unit, which have 3 people in a car 2 in front 1 in back and the boot and remaining sit filled with guns..I know because Ive been stopped by them once funny experience

SephirothX212482d ago

GTA actually helps reduce riots because people can take their frustrations out in the game. Before GTA III, I was a riotaholic but now I just riot twice or three times a week.

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WhiteLightning2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

It wouldn't of been so bad if the police here in the UK were actually allowed to use deadly force like police in the US.

I mean we have these SWAT teams to take out people who are suspected of having guns and if one of the SWAT members shoots and kills a guy who is about to shoot someone else, theres a massive enquiry about why the SWAT member shot the guy....and 9 times out of 10 he would get done for manslauter just for doing his job. The UK's law is a joke to be honest, most of these things wouldn't happen if they were allowed to be like the US police force.

Yeah so I don't see how gaming can be used as an excuses to cover up the law's crap system

air12482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Our cops face the same things. Many get suspended with no pay till investigation is over some even lose their job just cause their was no witness. Its not easy being a cop in any country with laws.

My father has been a fire fighter for over 20yrs, even helped on 9/11. One day he was the driver for a fire call, had sirens n lights going as supposed to some lady still pulled out in front of him they hit n she died. That fvcked over my father real bad he tries to save lives not take them. But with him doing everything he was supposed to her family is now trying to sue him and the town even with witnesses saying she pulled over then jumped back out in front of the truck. Its just hard out there for cops and fire fighters out there.

Its sad for her fam too don't get me wrong but sometimes you have to be a human and realize the situation, not the money. Sadly this case is just about the money.

I don't see how they can blame it on games either. But someone will always put the blame on something.

hamoor2482d ago

Too bad you can't just shoot rioters. That would stop these idiots pretty quick.

norman292482d ago

Couple of M4's with rubber bullets should see the pest's off

Miiikeyyy2482d ago

Blaming games is just becoming the norm. It's getting ridiculous , It angers me so damn much when people blame games for violence etc.
It's not the games that make people act like this, It's their parents and the environment they've been brought up in. I've been playing violent video games all my life, and not once have they pushed me to do anything voilent.

Imikida2482d ago

Did you know its was video games that started the civil war? I can't believe, video games are sooooooooooo bad man!

air12482d ago

I live in north america and we didn't get much news on this, so I kind of took it as a small little riot but nothing major. Had me wondering if it had to do with us getting our AAA lowered, I was like wow! They care more than we do!

We are going through tough times instead of rioting we have to all get together to make this world a better place.

It is clear our gov. Can't do it all they know how to do is "loose money" or spend it all on bs. We need to show the gov. We will be fine with out them we can hold our own but with riots like this just shows that first chance we get we ar fvcking everyone and thing up.

I hope for the best over there, those idiots should be arrested and doesn't happen again. We need to prove to this epensive ass diva we have as government that we are humans and don't need them to tell us how to act and most importantly how to spend out damn hard earned money.

Ps. I'm surprised jack isn't all over this if he isn't already.