New Borderlands 2 Details

GR - Many Borderlands fans have heard that Game Informer was able to nab an exclusive look at the game's sequel. Just a few days ago, a few details from the magazine appeared online. Now a fresh batch of information has been made available.

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BiggCMan2537d ago

Hell yea, Borderlands is one of my favorite games this generation. So much to do in the game, and once you get all the DLC, you can just play forever it's so much fun. Love trying to find the Pearl weapons.

Paragon2537d ago

Awesome, can't wait to get the issue.

J86blum2537d ago

I agree with both so I clicked Agree and both clicked on plus for your bubbles. im stoked for this.

Bay2537d ago

I was playing the first Borderlands the other day, and instantly I noticed something - The game feels pretty abandoned. Considering the quests and what they say, I kind of expected the towns to be fairly populated.

I hope the NPCs being fully animated and walking around town means that the towns and outside won't be so abandoned anymore.

CaliGamer2537d ago

Well, considering that the world of Pandora is a wasteland populated by Vault hunters and the like, I think it is kinda accurate.

Think old west or frontier country.

scotchmouth2537d ago

That's a great way of putting it!

Silver_Faux2537d ago

I think what bay means is the npcs that are in the towns need to be doing stuff other than standing there. Also it would be cool to encounter do gooders or travelling merchants out in the field.

CaliGamer2537d ago

@ nvm1987

And I quote from the article " NPC's will be fully animated and move around their locations, interacting with objects within their locations"

I don't see how he could be talking about the NPCs doing stuff around town, when in the same article he commented on it addresses that point directly. Either you are suggesting that he didn't read the article before he posted, or you didn't read the article yourself.

I'm just saying, I don't get your point.

STONEY42537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

They kinda just... stand there, doing nothing. Hoping for full dialog instead of just text too for quests this time around.

EazyC2537d ago

420 degrees. (now)5 comments? Weird...

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The story is too old to be commented.