New Jak & Daxter Action Figures Revealed

Offered as one of Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) most pioneering game franchises, Jak & Daxter are about to receive a new lease of life in the form of an all-new action figure series. Each figure stands seven-inches tall and includes over twelve points of articulation, as well as a number of character-specific accessories.

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zeal0us2416d ago

Now just need a new j&d game

Lucreto2416d ago

The Jak action figures face looks off like those toy trolls with the long pink hair with some minor changes.

Miiikeyyy2416d ago

Damn Trolls, you scary!

Cajun Chicken2416d ago

Jak looks terrible, Daxter looks good.

T-What2416d ago

Cool, why so late. Should have come out years ago.

ChiVoLok02416d ago

How about a freakin remake instead at least????

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