Carmack 'extremely frustrated' that PC is 10 times as powerful as PS3, 360

id Software's John Carmack has said it's frustrating knowing that PC hardware is many times more powerful than current consoles, but that developing on PS3 and Xbox 360 has its benefits.

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Hellsvacancy2356d ago

Im sick of this, PCs are as powerful as they are can upgarde them when the tech is availaible, with consoles your stuck with what your given, im happy with what ive got, i ainnt greedy (unless its weed related), better graphics doesnt equel better gameplay, take Duke Nukem, looks waaaaay better on the PC, but the games total crap, so whats the point? You cant play MGS4, KillZone, God Of War, Heavy Rain, Uncharted, Demons Souls etc on the PC can you, so what has the PC got? "we getta better version of BF3", "so, i get Dark Souls mo-fuc<ker, beat that"

BeastlyRig2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Well we get A better BF3, Skyrim with mod tools, Rage with mod tools, Diablo 3, SWOTOR,GW2,Hard Reset,Red Orchestra 2, Shogun 2, Will be getting Bastion,
A better version of LA Noire, Dota 2(Valve), tribes ascend, Planetside 2(A PC exclusive made by Sony!)
with up to 2000 players online couldn't run that on ps3!
EverQuest next by Sony!
, Better Frame Rate & Resolution, Better controls for shooters & 90% of the time dedicated servers even from indie devs, A way better looking version of GTA4, Portal 2 mod levels,Arma3,The Witcher 2, Neverwinter, Way more indie games & more platformers than consoles, Better prices for games, Having the option of using any controller I want. We get 95% of console games plus the innovative ones on pc. Hmm I am glad I bought my pc!

And oh yeah

It seems you are hoping your playstation buddies give you bubbles..

God of war 3 is god of war 2 with better graphics..
MGS4 was not as fun as SC: Conviction, Heavy Rain was so boring to me, Killzone 3 sold like crap compared to what it probably cost to make it so they probably didn't turn a profit..

I have a playstation & mainly play on pc. But at least halo remake is worth the money unlike your higher res hd remakes..

It reminds me of remakes on pc accept you have to pay for it. beat that!

xX_Altair_Xx2356d ago

"We get 95% of console games"

But not the best console franchises - Uncharted, Gears, Halo, GoW, GT/Forza, ICO/TLG; etc.

The way I see it if you are a true gamer then u should be playing games on all platforms and not complaining about graphics and resolution.

Ducky2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

That's right, don't read the article and just instinctively go into defense mode.

... also, the title is serious flamebait that doesn't represent what the article itself is about (i.e. challenges of programming a game for PC vs consoles)

xX_Altair_Xx2356d ago

Most PCs arent 10 times more powerful; that would cost £££. This guy spends a lot of time complaining about consoles so why is he putting his game on PS360?