Let's start worrying about BBC iPlayer on Xbox 720

Microsoft is keen to show that the Xbox can be the main box under our televisions – transcending its traditional placing as a games console in an attempt to be a powerful media centre as well.

And yet, with the BBC triumphantly showing off its latest iPlayer on the Xbox 360's clearest rival - the PlayStation 3 – it is starkly apparent that it is still missing from Microsoft's console.

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hamoor2535d ago

from microsoft, i wont worry about media features because am sure they will embrace it very well.

the gaming aspect is what am worried about in next gen consoles.

Why o why2535d ago

No love for silver members then. Ms still wanna charge us for free stuff. Its not that much of a loss as most have pc's and whatever but the bbc are inadvertently showing how ms operates. Some still defend this and thats their prerogative but like i said, its not too much of a loss

hamoor2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

this argument wont take us anywhere here.
in a corner we will get people who are happy to pay 40+ every year. like being free is a bad thing!

and on the other hand we will get people who will blindly hate on the service because the only thing they get to complain about is the price. once it being free, they will look for other things to complain about!

Godmars2902535d ago

Except isn't the point here that people in the UK are already paying for the iPlayer? That the funding for the BBC comes out of their taxes? The only thing keeping it off the 360 is the Gold subscription.

Why o why2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

yep, our tv license fees fund the bbc so its already paid for. MS add free stuff like iplayer, facebook etc, tweak an interface and use pad up gold. Can anybody tell me why they dont just let silver and gold members have it as that is the only stumbling block. But i agree, some will moan for another reason even if it was free and others will defend paying for free services like its a newborn. Most tvs , blu rays come with iplayer built in anyway nowadays and yes...its free even if they use custom interfaces

DJMarty2535d ago

It's not the main box under my TV, my PS3 is. Always will be untill PS4 comes out.

Microsoft should worry about making the 720 hardware reliable first, so they don't repeat 360 crap launch and reliablity problems.

Dazel2535d ago

My PS3 is my main console for bluray and streaming content such as iPlayer. My 360 is my main gaming console, the status quo suits me fine the way it is.

The Meerkat2535d ago

My new TVs have the i-player built in and can stream downloaded movies from my PC.

No need to even turn on my 360 unless i'm gaming.