BBC: We'd still love to have iPlayer on Xbox

The BBC's Daniel Danker has told TechRadar that he would love to see the iPlayer finally making it onto the Xbox 360.

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Wizziokid2445d ago

it's a shame MS are greedy and won't allow it because the BBC would have it accessible by silver accounts.

mcstorm2445d ago

I used Sky player ok the 360 until February when I moved house and had to get a new phone line so went with BT and got BT Vision as it was a cheaper offer and I was very impressed with what Sky and Microsoft did with Skyplayer.
If MS and BBC managed to make an agreement to get BBCI player on the 360 I can see it working very well on the 360 to. Im sure within the next few years all the consoles will have BBCI, ITV,C4 and C5 player on them.