Death By Robots - Review: Green Lantern - Rise of the Manhunters

Doomey @ DBR writes: Ok. Let me get this down before I suffer the wrath of a million fan boys (and gals) wearing Lantern rings on their fingers; I dislike Green Lantern, I really do. Lantern is probably my least favourite super hero. Yet, like any other super hero game, the inner geek in me wanted to play it.

So what you get here is a game set after the movie’s storyline, Hal Jordan (earth’s Green Lantern) has to save the universe from impending doom, as the evil manhunters threaten to take it over. Hal’s buddy Kilowog (who resembles fantastic fours ‘The Thing’) has also mysteriously gone missing, amidst rumours that someone from the Green Lantern Corp’s switching sides and leading the manhunters to power sources of the universe.

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