This is how you market 3DS - ads more like it, Nintendo

"This is not DS. This is Nintendo 3DS", Nintendo's advert proclaims, following a massive chunk of gameplay footage. And it's how you advertise the 3DS. 3DS Tribe look at the latest Nintendo UK 3DS advert, which rights many past marketing wrongs.

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Rrobba2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Great advert. However, once the Vita comes out, it is likely that the 3DS will be outdone in the 'Next Generation graphics' and 'state of the art multiplayer' sections. At that point, they must also mention the 3DS's unique features, such as the glasses-free 3D. They must also mention the exclusive heavy hitters such as Pokemon and Mario.

disgaeapuchi2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Could agree with you more, Rrobba. Couldn't agree with you more.

Edit: though I just remembered the tabloid newspapers in the UK have ruined 3DS's 3D effect reputation with lies, so I imagine Nintendo will be avoiding marketing the 3D aspect as fiercely as they once were. Shame :(

Squatch832505d ago

''Edit: though I just remembered the tabloid newspapers in the UK have ruined 3DS's 3D effect reputation with lies''

Sadly true, now its the usual anti-Nintendo idiots that keep on repeating it, tho most probably havnt even tried the 3DS.

Most ppl have never had a problem with the 3D im betting.

2505d ago
fatstarr2505d ago

FCK YESSSSS thats more like it nintendo now lets get 2 alts and run it till xmas.

I am glad they are learning and listening to comments from their fans.

this makes me happy for wiiu adverts.

hope we get some stateside goodness and not casual fridays again...

A7XEric2505d ago

This is a good ad, even though fairly straightforward.

It addresses the biggest problem amongst casual consumers, that being they see it as just another DS redesign. I have to explain to so many people at work (Gamestop) that even though it has DS in the name it's totally brand new hardware. And we even have some people still wasting their money on the DSi XL when the 3DS is going to match it's price in only days, and I try to tell people that but they just don't get it.

WhiteLightning2505d ago

Wouldn't it be hillarious if they used a the advert for the PSV when it comes out and as soon as it says "Amazing Graphics" Kevin butler just just stops it and buts in with his funny speechers and then goes on to show an over the top epic of epicness advert of the PSV like PS3 montage advert.

...admit it, it's funny to take the mic sometimes :)

kamakaz3md2505d ago

im gonna agree with you only cause it seems like ur supporting the vita over the 3ds, but for the most part, i dont understand pretty much of anything you said

Spenok2505d ago

Absolutely GOT to love those commercials. Kevin Butler for the win! xD

plmkoh2505d ago

Nintendo really should start road tripping around the place and show people what the 3DS is all about. The biggest form of marketing Nintendo had with the DS and Wii was word of mouth, if Nintendo can start showing that the 3DS is different to the DS, people will start talking about it and eventually buy one.

D2K2505d ago

They should bring back 'Powerfest.'

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