Fox to make an explosive return to games industry?

Movie giant 20th Century Fox looks set to follow fellow Hollywood studio Warner Bros back to the games market.

It is understood that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation will launch a two-pronged attack, as social networking giant MySpace also strides into the interactive entertainment space.

In the same week that Fox property The Simpsons Game (published by EA) debuted in the All Formats Top 3, MCV can reveal that a review by the UK Department of Trade and Investment has suggested that the media giant is expected to once again establish a games division.

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jack who4054d ago

Fox?games industry?

oh teh noesssss

MaximusPaynicus4054d ago

As someone who remembers Fox Interactive, I think I can speak for everyone when I say... oh, please God no...

Witty Comment4054d ago


BlackIceJoe4054d ago

Well it looks like every one wants a piece of the Pie these days. That being the video game industry. I wonder what kind of games will come out of this and if Fox will take back there IPs from other companies and make games out of them.

Capt CHAOS4054d ago

While you can, before it grows any more and starts buying the film industry..

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