Is it worth jumping into the third dimension just yet?

Msxbox-world explores the pros and the cons of 3D, and whether you should jump in now or hold off.

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linko18-19902512d ago

With the sony PS 3D tv i would say yeah.

limewax2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

No thanks, I can find better deals for that money actually and I would rather have a proper Sony than a substitute for the real deal.

But just have to ask, what in the living hell do they mean by is it worth jumping into 3d, because as far as I remember, we haven't been 2D since mega-drive II. It would make sense if the 3D in tv's was 3D, but its only a deception of the human brain so the term technically is being used over something that IS actually 3D, even if viewed over a 2D plane

Rant end lol

nycredude2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Even if you never use the 3d in the new tvs those tvs with online, 240hz, full array leds blows regular hdtv away in 2d performance also.


Real life may be in a 3 dimensional space but it's our eyes and brains that process what we see as 3d. Close one of your eyes and walk around for an entire day and tell me how 3d your world is. Hell if you were color blind (many are) you would still be stuck in black and white tv days.

limewax2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

The only color blind people I have ever met only see colors as the wrong colors?

Not disputing what you said just genuinely wasn't aware there was a form of color blind that can cause that

And I agree about the top statement you made, Personally I am more hyped for OLED than 3D.

RedDead2512d ago

Gotta start sometime...otherwise it won't advance

BitbyDeath2512d ago

It's the only way it'll improve.
Although i'd rather see more augmented reality.

rmedtx8882512d ago

Definitely yes if you can afford it.

Cpt_kitten2512d ago

3d is a gimmick good thing sony is working on VR cause that would truly be the next step....not this oh you need this to see the depth width and height, when we can already see this to begin with.....thanks but i dont need glasses for that

BitbyDeath2512d ago

As you mentioned VR is the next step, meaning we will need 3D before we can get to VR.

Looking through glasses into a flat world wouldn't be much fun.

Better the 3D = better the VR.

Cpt_kitten2512d ago

do you know what there even trying to do with vr?

there trying to get it so its like in all the shows and what not where you are actually placed in the world they create hence the name VIRTUAL REALITY not 2d space you see through glasses

you sir are a fail troll, how is 3d better when WE ALREADY SEE IN 3 DIMENSIONS......or did you like 95% of people apparently not pay attention in school at all

BitbyDeath2512d ago

Calm down and think for a second, yes you can see 3D and beyond but only in real life. We are talking about games/shows/movies. Those you do not see in 3D unless you have a 3D compatible TV.

Virtual Reality will not be wires going directly into your brain, you will still need glasses to view it and those glasses will have flat lenses. (just like a TV screen)

Yes, software can run through it to show what you see and even detect your movements much like a button on a keyboard can move a bald space marine around a spacecraft but it'll still look flat.

You need 3D to enhance the objects.

inbetweener2512d ago


Well done on responding to an overly aggressive comment with a calm, patient answer, a rarity on this site. Also I agree with everything you said.

BitbyDeath2511d ago

@inbetweener - Thankyou kind Sir.
If only everyone here thought the same way you and I do.

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