PS3 Gets BBC iPlayer Redesign

With BBC's catch up player known as the iPlayer, is updated, the PS3 gets an update too.

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RAmar1012535d ago

Great news looking forward to see it in HD, bbci should also be on 360 imo

All we need is itv + channel 4 player widgets to get an update also

phinch2535d ago

channel 4 especially, but other than that should be good to see, wouldnt mind some more free channels like Film4 that would be good

ainsz2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

4OD, Film 4, BBC I player and I'm happy. ITV I could do with out, just Soap operas and quiz shows... Oh and adverts. Dull! -_-

Pacman3212535d ago

Film 4 would never be available because it would ruin the PSN video service.

buddymagoo2535d ago


Film 4 has been on the PlayStation 3 for about 6 months.

phinch2535d ago

@buddymagoo, what region is that in?

buddymagoo2535d ago

The UK. I didn't know you could get it anywhere else and if you can why am I paying the TV license?

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FAGOL2535d ago

4oD needs a major update. It crashes way too much.

Pintheshadows2535d ago

Yeah. It really is a bit of a mess. ITV player is poor as well.

I never thought i'd see a picture of John Bishop on N4G.

FAGOL2535d ago

It works well and looks cool. And finally it says you're watching iPlayer under your ID.

ainsz2535d ago

How do I download it? I click on the icon and it just opens the old one. Or is that it?

ecstaticpunk2535d ago

I clicked on the old one and it didn't work first time round but if you click a second or two later again you'll be able to load the new IPlayer interface.

The HD content works amazingly well, but the interface is a tad bit slow at the moment but nonetheless a good upgrade, now I just hope they work on 4OD and ITV.

FAGOL2535d ago

Didn't work for me either the first time. I went into the PS Store then exited and clicked the icon. It worked.

ainsz2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Thanks to both of you for advice :)

Yeah, the new interface is great, a tad slow but so far so good! I'm now watching Mock The Week! :D

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PirateThom2535d ago

Works amazingly well, HD stream is perfect. Tiny download as well, but the improvement is immeasurable.