Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Not Confirmed Yet

GR - Looks like we've been somewhat trolled by Xbox 360 World; the magazine's latest cover showcased 'Mass Effect 3 multiplayer'. However, it seems it's not confirmed as we thought.

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hamoor2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

oh god please no!
like we dont have enough MP games already -_-
not that am againts variation but it will only take time and money.

plus after the horrible MP of bioshock 2 am not sure single player games should have online.

sure uncharted did it right but that an action game and this is an rpg.

if they want online right skip the MP and look at demon souls online features.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2356d ago

I totally agree. Mass Effect does not need MP! The series is good as it is, it can still be improved, but MP is not the answer.

Bioshock 2 MP was horrible, but Dead Space was even worse XD

_Aarix_2356d ago

Yea save the resources on a bigger and better campaign.

Nate-Dog2356d ago

Bioware have even said they're planning on extending the series past Mass Effect 3 which is why I have no clue why they seem intent on stuffing it into ME3 itself. Let us finish the series the best way we can and then throw it into your spin-offs and other games.

vickers5002355d ago

Co-op campaign would be nice. It sure as hell doesn't need TDM though.

shikamaroooo2356d ago

Imagine the whole mass effect was an mmo . And that's the only way i would like multiplayer

TrevorPhillips2356d ago

It would work out but I wouldn't recommend it. Just leave the game how it is, single player.

Ve3tro2356d ago

Yup, the previous titles have been good without it. I would rather they put more work into the campaign then adding on some multiplayer that hardly anyone will play.

Kee2356d ago

The game is good enough as a single player experience. If it had multiplayer, I'd play it, but it wouldn't be a selling point for me.

Fishy Fingers2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

I wouldnt mind multiplayer as long as it doesnt hurt the single player experience. Now I'm no seasoned RPG player, but ME (especially 2) is boarding on a shooter in my eyes, and it looks like the trend will continue with ME3, so a MP would be quite fitting.

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The story is too old to be commented.