Robin 'reinvented' for Arkham City - he's "one bad-ass kid"

Rocksteady wanted to “reinvent” Robin for his appearance in Batman: Arkham City – so they’ve transformed him from tame sidekick into “one bad-ass kid,” according to lead narrative designer Paul Crocker.

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cyclonus0072448d ago

Which Robin is this supposed to be? Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd?

Yi-Long2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

.. which is why it's so sad that they completely changed him.

Tim Drake is a great character in the comics, yet here they try to make him out to be a mixed martial artist(!) with a hooligan look with that shaven head.

It wasn't needed.

They are trying to overcompensate so they can please the 'Robin = Gay' crowd, but the comic-loving crowd that knows and loves Drake, isn't too pleased with such a big change in his design.

KingSlayer2448d ago

Tim Drake is exactly the version of Robin the "reinvent" fits. Dick became NightWing, Jason was killed by Joker and Tim was the Robin that received the new costume and even had a side gig as Red Robin. It was not only the best choice, but the smartest as well.

JsonHenry2448d ago

Don't feel that they needed to change Drake to make him more badass. But if you look at this as a "re-telling" then you probably won't have a hard time accepting it.

cochise3132448d ago

I wish they would have left robin out.

LightofDarkness2448d ago

Yeah, whenever I hear these kinds of statements about some character that people aren't exactly enamoured with, I just know that they've tried to make the character all "badass and super cool" by trying to have them come across as grizzled and violent etc. Like Raiden in MGSIV.
Yep, at the end of the game, I still didn't like him, and it certainly came across that they tried too hard to MAKE me like him. It's like "What, you don't like our character? What if we turn him into this super cool cyber ninja that fights giant robots!!" All you can do is roll your eyes at that point...

Merivigian2448d ago

But the difference is they aren't over there pushing him to be a badass. His character is pretty bad ass in this game. I doubt any of you here read the Arkham City prequel comics. That just shows you that this Robin can naturally be borderline "kill a bitch with a crowbar".

Jinxstar2448d ago

I hope they take a cue from the Allstar Batman and Robin series by Frank Miller and Jim Lee. Robin was a violent badass in those comics. He freakin crushed Green Lanterns throat and Batman had to trach him to save his life.

holdmedownma20082448d ago

The Wii U is coming out in March?

LewisDenby2448d ago

Ignore. No idea wtf. It's been fixed.

ChickeyCantor2448d ago

But a side kick is not suppose to be as "good". It's just some extra help in case batman get's locked up by one of the villains what would never happen if Robin wasn't around.....0_0

But aside from that why am I even complaining, sounds badass.

Merivigian2448d ago

That's why he's his PARTNER. I hate that you guys think Robin is just there to ditch Batman out of trouble. Read the Arkham City Prequel Comics!! Robin is in Arkham City doing his own things while Batman is out by himself. Robin doesn't hang around Bats too often. In fact, Robin infultrated Arkham City without Batman knowing, and he kicked Harley Quinn's ass. And yea.. he is badass.

Baka-akaB2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

First fail from Rocksteady , the most recent robins in the comics were always "badass" and very skilled .

The biggest irony is , the shaved head is a look that feels closer to the "gayest" Robin ever : the Chris O'Donnell one from Batman forever

Max Power2448d ago

Holey rusted metal, Batman!

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