Bodycount hands-on preview ( goes hands-on with Bodycount, the new FPS from the guys who brought you last-generation's amazing "Black"

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GavinMannion2507d ago

The game may not be fantastic but that image makes me want to go buy myself a minigun

Ognipode2507d ago

Hmm, this isn't looking very promising :/

Darranged2507d ago

I've got some faith, and low requirements for a decent FPS. As long as there are some fluid controls and decent multiplayer, I'll be hooked.

granthinds2507d ago

Reading this now, i'm so so bleak. I LOVED Black, finished it multiple times and was really hoping this would have a similar impact. You criticized narrative, but that doesn't bother me much. I really enjoyed Bulletstorm, and not for the story, so hopefully this will make me happy :)

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