Bodycount Preview -'s Martin Gaston wrote: "To cut a long story short, the first time I played Bodycount I didn't know much about the game whatsoever. Maybe you're in the same boat, and your knowledge of the game has been entirely obliterated by the massive marketing and hype campaigns of some of the autumn's biggest titles. I don't blame you: I was the same. And then I was contractually obliged to play Bodycount. And while I doubt you'll find an iconic, genre-defining treat within its corridors and open-plan environments, if you love blowing stuff up then you might just want to pay some attention to this one."

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NuclearDuke2419d ago

If you love blowing stuff?
- I certainly do not!

noears2419d ago

That title is so wrong.

Flummoxxed2419d ago

The poster must love blowing stuff. Good job proofreading.