'FIFA 13' targeting "gameplay nuance", Kinect

IFA 13's possible features have been discussed by Electronic Arts.

While pre-production on next year's installment won't begin until October or November, producer David Rutter said that it will likely focus on refinements due to the significance of the Player Impact engine in FIFA 12.

"Depending on what we're doing year to year and what our feature set will be, [FIFA 12's] probably one of the bigger years," he told Digital Spy.

"Just the Player Impact is probably the biggest change we've made to our gameplay code base since we moved over to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so a big change there this year.

"We're not going to reinvent a brand new Player Impact engine for next year, because the reason we've learnt this year is that it's future-proofing our game, but it's probably not going to be quite as dramatic as far as technology is concerned.

"But there'll be a large number of changes based around gameplay nuance on the back of that, perhaps. But we still don't know exa...

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