SlySoft cracks BD+; developer sends note to Fox, endorses HD DVD

BetaNews reports on November 8, 2007:

A mere five months after the initial specification for the long-awaited BD+ copy protection system for Blu-ray Disc was formally released, SlySoft released a beta of its AnyDVD software that has apparently been proven capable of stripping BD+ protection from Blu-ray discs.

AnyDVD's author saw fit to insert a little open letter of sorts into the beta's change log text file (whose message is also posted in SlySoft's forum):

• Note to Twentieth Century Fox: As you can see, BD+ didn't offer you any advanced security, it just annoyed some of your customers with older players. So could you please cut this crap and start publishing your titles on HD DVD? There are thousands of people willing to give you money.

• Note to people considering to invest in HD media: Please buy HD DVD instead of Blu-ray. HD DVD is much more consumer friendly (e.g., no region coding, AACS not mandatory). Don't give your money to people, who throw your fair-use rights out of the window.

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Tru_Blu4055d ago

LOL like fox is going to jump ship now, to the side the pirates want them on... Correct me if I'm wrong also but I thought the whole point of BD+ was that it can easily be changed. To keep the pirates frustrated that every movie could use different protection schemes.

cuco334055d ago


Now that it was cracked so fast and so easily, what is Fox's main motive to stay exclusive?

As far as how 'easy' it is to change the system in BD+, BD stand alones had some issues already with Fox's first titles. Are we going to see more stand alones lock up or not play the disk until a firmware update is released for said player? or are we going to see how 'easy' BD+ is to crack again. It's the inevitable. You tell a hacker he/she can't crack a security system and all it does is drive them to do it faster and better than anyone else.

It's trying to prevent the inevitable.

Grassroots4055d ago

you two realize that they can change to code for each disc making the process of cracking it again, and again, and so on.

Either way, these programs should be illegal (for back-ups), and the people should be convicted. This is not good for dvd, hd-dvd, or blu-ray.

pornflakes4055d ago

different schemes cost lot of money.
And pirates always get them.

Just think before posting omg.

Tru_Blu4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

from afterdawn:

BD+ allows for dynamic encryption schemes, meaning that if the protection were to be cracked, manufacturers could SIMPLY change the encryption scheme on new discs, so one single crack could not open up all BD-ROM discs. This is, of course a major advantage over the Content Scrambling System (CSS) protection used on DVD discs which was cracked years ago. All old and new DVDs containing CSS can be ripped from the disc to a HDD, or software is available to simply remove CSS on-the-fly.

Thugbot1874055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Slysoft has cracked every disc protection out there, and if they change they will just release a new update that breaks that.

Bad_Karma4055d ago

how many people out there actually use this program for making a backup of what they own on original DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray ? Slysoft endorses HD-DVD ? what a laugh ...Slysoft endorses pirating and thats all ...lying wankers

kreetah4055d ago

Good going SlySoft, should not take much more to kill off HD all together and be done with it. Maybe the FTC can raid the developers and give them free room and board with free KY for the next 5 years.

Kholinar4055d ago

"how many people out there actually use this program for making a backup of what they own on original DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray ?"

I don't know.

Should they be able to? Please answer this first.

And why is it somehow cheaper to buy a $500-800 burner plus $18 each media just to get a few free movies. At the cheap end the first fifty movies are going to cost you as much or more than buying an authentic disc. It's going to take you over 100 movies just to see some benefit with it. Are there really enough BR movies out there that you want?

Right now pirating doesn't even make sense unless you're a major illegal re-seller. So, given that Slysoft has a lot of subscribers and obviously aren't all major re-selling bootleggers. I'd say a lot of people are interested in fair-use backups.

darthv724055d ago

I have 3 kids who love to watch movies and have broken discs in the past. I really hate it when they scratch the discs and just dont know the proper way to handle them. So to protect the originals I make simplified backups that only play the movie. Anyone with children can tell you how impatient they can be waiting for the all the crap at the beginning to be done before you can get to the main movie.

Seems more lately the movie companies are locking out the ability to FF or skip the coming attractions...? Anyway, I like this program. I dont have any HD format movies (nor player) so my big thing is when getting a new movie from Target (like ratatouile) I make it easy for my kids to watch by just "drop and play" on their tv/dvd set.

I make my own CD's with mixing tracks from the hundreds of discs I have, why cant I make a backup of a movie I own to strip out the stuff I dont want to see?

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4055d ago

So, I'm assuming you think that DVDJon is a criminal too?

Way to play directly into the media companies' hands. Here's why you're wrong, and why your opinions are what these companies want you to think:
1. "Piracy", A.K.A. Copyright Infringement, is NOT the same as theft. There are legal distinctions that date way back before digital distribution and digital media.
2. Fair Use is one of the cornerstones of copyright law, and personal-use backups of your _paid for_ media absolutely falls under Fair Use. Certain members of the RIAA have publicly stated that they consider ripping a CD to be the _same thing_ as downloading music illegally. They say things like this because they HATE Fair Use.

SlySoft are not criminals, they make software that allows their users to act within the law. If pirates use it, and by your logic, that makes SlySoft criminals, then why not accuse their OS developer, ISP, upload program, etc.?

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myabsolution4055d ago

fox claimed BD+ couldnt be broken for another 10 years... thats why they held off on releasing blu-ray movies until now, because they wanted it in place.

10 years took 3 months. GG

Fox should just go neutral since the added protection of BD+ was their main reason of staying Blu...

Lucreto4055d ago

But Fox are like Sony they want region lock so they can make more money. HD-DVD has been hacked already and going neutral will be playing right into the hackers hands.

At least it is still expensive to make blu-ray and hackers won't see much profit from it.

People who buy hacked and copied software is low like robbing items from a 99 cent store.

PopEmUp4055d ago

THe round peg if you want to comment on what you post please comment under the comment section not in your posting article

ktchong4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

I pretty much took everything from there.

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