5 Steal Deal Games for this Holiday Season

The year is about to end and game stores are stacking up for the holiday rush. Not in terms of customers who have been waiting patiently for a particular game, but the truckload of AAA games that are being delivered at their doorstep.

So as a consumer which games do you choose for your system? Especially since the floodgate seems to be more over powering than ever, so where exactly do you spend those $60 and get a steal deal, in terms of gameplay, value and satisfaction. There are loads and loads and loads of games in the markets that appeals to a set of individuals, so do go ahead and pick the games that you love to play and adore.

This list has been prepared with a totally unbiased opinion and takes into account overlapping genres and economics of expenditure.

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rofldings4058d ago

Mass effect over Uncharted or Assassin's? Please.

Sam Fisher4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Buy Mass Effect and assassins creed NOw!!!!

EDIT: how can u disagree with me? its true isnt assasins creed and mass efect around the corner of the month....(-_-)

MK_Red4058d ago

Nice find and list. It has Assassins, Mass Effect and Uncharted :)
But I think they should have included UT3 since it's also kind of steal with superb multiplayer and singleplayer.

RadientFlux4058d ago

Great list... personally I am buying every game on that list except for The Orange Box since I own it already.

Syko4058d ago

I recommend The Orange Box for overall value and PORTAL BABY!! Game is so, so good.

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The story is too old to be commented.