UK Uncharted Demo on the Way

Sony Europe has confirmed that a playable demo of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, released on the US PSN Store yesterday, will hit UK PS3s on November 22.

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Alvadr4053d ago

You gotta be frikken kidding me. Thats 2 weeks away!

paul_war4053d ago

What with Ratchet, Pro Evo & Call of Duty 4 the time will fly by ... I hope

MaximusPrime_4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

i think 2 weeks is fine.

I will be playing my own games while i wait. That ProStreet Demo was unexpected for me. I forgotten that it was on US PS store few weeks back.

Apocwhen4053d ago

Lol, What a Joke!
Another golden shower upon Euro Customers.

god_o_war4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

FU(K U SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND naughty dog ... they used to be my fav developer until this stunt

what the fu(k happened insomniac ever pulled this stunt and i bet evry ps3 owner either has or had r&c demo FU(k

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The story is too old to be commented.