Skyrim Collector’s Edition Very Popular In Australia

EB Games Australia has revealed on its Facebook page that its copies of the Collector’s Edition of Skyrim are selling very fast.

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firemassacre2387d ago

cant wait to get this mate in australiuh we luve skyrum

badz1492387d ago

how much does it cost in AUS? AU$200 maybe?

TrevorPhillips2387d ago

I better run to EB games and pre order my copy for PS3 before it runs out.

hamoor2387d ago

Not sure if scrolls or skyrim..........

GrumpyVeteran2387d ago

Actually this is a rather clever advertising trick. Locally, the collector edition is selling very poorly; by making it seem like stocks are even more limited than a limited edition would be, they hope to make a few sales.

Easy stuff guys