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rlineker2388d ago

I think Zumba's time at the top is almost over especially with game like Dues Ex coming out soon.

kidnplay2388d ago

I've never understood how games like this can stay at the top for so very long. I've always thought, surely, everyone who is interested will buy it in the first few weeks, and then purchases will plummet?

Apparently not. Though I'm sick of seeing Zumba everywhere right now.

rlineker2388d ago

Apparently there is more Obesity in the UK than first thought :P

Salarian2388d ago

Sales do plummet.

The problem is that there really isn't anything of note to buy on the Wii, so nobody buys anything else after it's reached the charts and it just kind of hangs there in stasis.

kidnplay2388d ago

Very fair point, Salarian.

Pyscho_Mantis2388d ago

zumba is a big US fitness scheme pretty popular.