Jaffe: “60 bucks is a shit ton to ask” for games

GB writes : David Jaffe, Eat Sleep Play lead attempted to explain the reason for Twisted Metal delay as extra time required for “polish.”

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hamoor2446d ago

He is somewhat right.
When I see full packed games that get you hours and hours of content being in the same price as 5 hours no online is bull$hit!

CommonSense2446d ago

he might be right, but i still think it's more about the release date. i will actually consider buying this game new now that i know it's not coming out along side so many MUST HAVE games.

karl2446d ago

its not that simple...

online games usually have a lot less work on them than just sp games.. and something 5 hours single players games...

its about how good it is than how many hours can u get out of it...

and lets face it... that price isnt just random
its the price we are willing to pay.. and they know it..

NCAzrael2446d ago

At least someone acknowledged the fact that games are extremely expensive anymore. It wasn't all that long ago that we were paying $50, and prices dropped down to $40 or lower at a pretty decent rate. If it were up to some jackasses *cough*BobbyKotick*cough* we'd be paying a lot more.

TBM2446d ago

So true, and its because of the high price that im strongly considering owning just one console when all 3 release their new systems. I can almost guarantee that prices are going to go up again by as little as $5 when they release unless the consoles are relatively cheap

lelo2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

"Jaffe: “60 bucks is a shit ton to ask” for games"

I agree with him. It is a lot of money for a game. In Portugal it's even more expensive, 65-70€ for a new X360/PS3 game on the store. Developers and distributors are shooting them selfs on the foot with this exorbitant prices.

Prices of games on the handheld and home consoles need to go way down... about 60-70% down. A home console game should be max 25-30€. I wouldn't mind paying more for a home console, if the "fuicking" games were cheaper. As for a AAA game digitally distributed, it should be max 20€.

And game developers wonder why mobile games sales are rising and console games sales are falling !!!

NuclearDuke2446d ago

I do not agree with him. $60 is not alot of money to cash out on a video game. I have paid $0.10/hour for Heroes of Newerth over a period of one year. That is absolutely nothing for the amount of fun I have achieved in that game.

What IS a "shit ton of money" is the minor DLC packs games release afterwards. Keep games DLC-free and continue with a $60 pricing.

rdgneoz32446d ago

@NuclearDuke There's a difference between free DLC packs / fairly priced DLC, and stuff that should have been on the disk / over charging for DLC.

dangert122446d ago

Depends how you see it I've played killzone 2 for over 180 hours and if that was at an arcade i would of easily put in 50pence/£1 after another so i can now say i would of payed £100 knowing how good killzone is but then theirs alot of games at the same price that are truly appalling and should not be at the £40 as in the devs no its a rip off

firemassacre2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

very true what jaffe said, thats why my wallets taking a beating.
i simply cannot ( even though financially stressful) miss out on these games

1. uncharted 3
2. twisted metal ps3
3. littlebigplanet 2 (bought)
4. infamous 2 (bought)
5. portal 2 ( need to buy)
6. skyrim
7. dark souls
8. assassins creed revelations
9. batman arkham city
10.battlefield 3
11. resistance 3
12. gears of war 3
13. ico collection
14. starhawk.


deus ex
splinter cell collection
motorstorm apacolypse
bioshock infinite
socom 4
la noir.
the new silent hill
alice 2

50/50 on saints row the third.

you have to make due with what you can afford.

maniacmayhem2446d ago

With the amount of games you buy and rent i would seriously do Gamefly.

If you like the game you can buy it from them and they will charge you a used price and will send you the game box with all the contents inside.

Bolts2446d ago

I would rent more than half of those games from Gamefly. If you have to have them, buy them used...or if they're multiplats and you have a gaming PC buy them on Steam.

I save a ton of money just by buying multiplats on Steam alone.

NCAzrael2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I'm glad that my list of must buy games isn't that long. This year I'm looking at Skyrim, Deus Ex, RAGE, BF3, NHL12, AC:R, and Uncharted 3 for my must buy. Oh, and The Old Republic if it actually releases this year. I'm too jaded on Need for Speed to buy The Run without renting it first. Granted, if it were Criterion making this one I'd buy it on day one.

Honestly, though, given how Skyrim is shaping up, come November 11th I highly doubt my PS3 or 360 will see any use for months, and the chance of anything else being ran on my PC is extremely unlikely.

CommonSense2446d ago

deus ex is a must have in just a few more days

Merivigian2446d ago

You could buy a few games with the money you'd be wasting renting. LA Noire btw is really satisfying if you're into the detective/CSI tv shows as well.

boyzilla2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

except every case in la noire is the same thing... over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again

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Kran2446d ago

The UK says hi, where we're spending £40. We're spending $5 extra ¬¬

NovusTerminus2446d ago

But is it as hard to find a job in the UK? I am having a time over here, no one is hiring!

Gamewank2446d ago

The job market is pretty screwed here too. It's a global recession, everyone's feeling it.

Kran2446d ago

Hell yes it's hard. Full time jobs. Part time jobs, even asking money from your parents can be hard because of their jobs and their pay.

NovusTerminus2446d ago

Ah. I kinda figured it would be...

hamoor2446d ago

Amen to that!
We've been screwed over prices since forever!

LawlessSXE2446d ago

Try being in Australia... $100 local dollars, so about $45 over the American price.

Croash2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

France says hi. I'm supposed to pay €70 (sometimes it will be €60, woohoo) for brand new PS3 games, which is the equivalent of $100.

I like how I saw AC : Brotherhood still priced at €70 last April only to find it priced at £23 at a GAME Store, gotta love their Spring Sale.

UK has better deals, that's for sure. Even GAME stores in France want to take away all your money. The best offer I saw there was L.A. Noire for €50.

Anyway, ever since I went to London, I've decided never to buy a game again from France. If my own country wants to suck all my money away while giving me games that are only dubbed in French (that's rare, but it can still happen...and it's painful), I guess I can only give it the middle finger.

And of course, there are ever better deals in the USA. I guess I'd better start considering that thing called "import".


On topic:
I really hope Jaffe delivers the best Twisted Metal experience possible. I have never played a TM game before, but it sure does look like a hell lot of fun.

Looking at how God of War succeeded, I simply can't believe that failure is a possible outcome for a game created by such a talented guy. It's high time Eat Sleep Play showed what they're really capable of. The $60 price tag will certainly be justified.

DragonKnight2446d ago

Your government's VAT says hi. You pay more because your government has it set up that way, simple as that.

Sprud2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I think most europeans know that, but that doesn't explain why they don't complain about the prices, yet americans constantly do.

All the price whine articles have been from the US, the place in the world with the cheapest games... I guess your economy really is fucked up.

DragonKnight2446d ago

Don't you love the game of assumption? I know I do, because then when someone claims that I'm an American, I get to say "that's incorrect, I'm Canadian" and then have a chuckle at internet ignorance. *chuckle*

"that doesn't explain why they don't complain about the prices."

Where the hell have you been? This site is rife with complaints about European pricing, release dates, offerings, etc... You must live in Bizarro World where everything is opposite.

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JellyJelly2446d ago

Then sell your game for $39.99. What's stopping you, Jaffe?

Bolts2446d ago

Sony is what stopping him.

NCAzrael2446d ago

Probably his publisher. Eat Sleep Play just makes the games, Sony packages, ships, and decides the MSRP.

Ninver2446d ago

Some games are worth less than others /fact

Merivigian2446d ago

True. Naughty Bear /= Mass Effect 3. I truly believe that some games should be priced based on content, etc. But the only reason I don't complain about the $60 mark is I'm afraid that game developers would take control of that "price by quality" over the edge and some how make a game priced higher than $60.

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