Sonic Generations video gives runthrough of Chemical Plant Zone and City Escape stages

There's a new video out for Sonic Generations that gives us a five minute demo of the Chemical Plant Zone and City Escape stages.

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bacrec12420d ago

The Chemical Plant theme song is unstoppable and cancels out any and all bs.

Peaceful_Jelly2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

For some reason I have always liked the cheesy music from the adventure series and it's nice to know that some of the songs are gonna be on this game too. Reviewers always complained about the music but I thought it went nice with the game. =p

Whitefox7892419d ago

I'm actually surprised Sega still supports the music, it was recently I was playing Yakuza 4 and I went inside a mahjong parlor where you can faintly hear music playing in the background (I was first surprised to see an Akagi poster in there then I realized ahh Kiryu's VA = Akagi) either way I was about to go play at the normal table when all of a sudden I heard a familiar guitar riff I took my hands covered my ears on my headphones, listened for the vocals, and said "OMG that's Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure 1!" I literally just stood there and listened to the entire 5 min song before I played mahjong.

MonopolyRSV2420d ago

Everything about this game looks better than Sonic 4. They got the character movement nice and fluid like in the old days, and the different camera views seem pretty nice.

iamtehpwn2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

LOL. Are they even making Sonic 4 episodes any more? Honestly should be scrapped. This game is going much better places.

I hope that after this game, they will make a spiritual successor with new level designs and continue Sonic in this style of 2d/3d mix of gameplay.

Deadpool6162420d ago

You had some rough times Sonic. I'm glad to see the hedgehog is making a comeback! :)

AbyssGravelord2420d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.