Brink's Agents Of Change: Too Little, Too Late?

Critical Hit!: "Like Bizarre Creation’s Blur, Brink is a fun yet flawed multiplayer game that was released with major online connection problems, instantly crippling its chances of success.

But where the company line for Blur was that the connection problems were “isolated issues”—insisting that the online was working fine for the majority players, but that they were looking into it—Bethesda refreshingly acknowledged Brink‘s at-times nearly unplayable multiplayer almost immediately. Not only did they announce a series of patches, but also that there would be free DLC arriving in June.

Eventually June became July, and July became August. Friends became less patient and traded the game in while it still had value, or considered doing so, but I held onto it. And now here we are: it’s the first week of August, and the patches and free Agents Of Change DLC are finally here. So what’s the verdict?"

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ichdich2483d ago

this game is really fail. :|

Cpt_kitten2483d ago

call of duty fanboy im guessing?

ichdich2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

mmm, not really :) but i played alot of Call of duty,
Call of duty 4/WoW/Modern warfare 2/Black ops.

and i think its really sucks now after playing Battlefield 3 Alpha on PC 2 weeks ago.

Now i'm Battlefield fanboy :P alrealy Pre-order Battlefield 3 months ago and i gonna pirate Modern Warafre 3 because Activision does not deserve the money.


all the COD fanboys will understand how much fail is COD after Battlefield 3 Beta will be released next month.

Cpt_kitten2483d ago

well if you like battlefield you should have no problem with this game all, its all about team based combat which is what games need

lot of people who say its bad don't realize this and all they wanna do is run around caring about there K/D ratio

ichdich2483d ago

i already finish this game with my friends . but i didnt like the gun mechanics and other things.

Pyscho_Mantis2483d ago

COD is short term fun....jump in a game quickly and have fun with your friends....Battlefield is fun but the matches are too long and snipers piss me off to no extent and the campers are notorious. Ill probably get mw3 cuz I want to play with my friends.

theonlylolking2483d ago

Only release new ips within the first 2 years of a new game console. That is when few games are on the console so more people will be willing to try a new game thus you could have a hit game like gears, resistance, etc...

If you release a new ip later in a gen usually the hit game(s) has/have already come out so the new games chance of surviving is very slim.

earbus2483d ago

Going to pick it up one of these days shame console gamers abandon games so fast.