When is a Game Finished?

Achievements, Trophies, DLC, online multiplayer - when can we say we've truly conquered a game these days?

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ATi_Elite2512d ago

When you take it Game Stop to trade it in!

ChiVoLok02512d ago

A game is completed when you feel there is no more need to play it.

Darkfiber2512d ago

Usually a few months after it is shipped and patched nowadays.

chadachada1232512d ago

My thoughts exactly, when I read the headline.

HaHa_Ostrich2512d ago

Or when the "complete" or "GOTY" edition is released with all the dlc and patches.

J86blum2512d ago

I think a game is finished when you feel closure to the story.

As an example: Killzone, and Gears of War. Both good games with good stories but when I reached the end of of both of the games in each of their series I sat there during the credits and saying," And....?"

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