Nintendo's Ambassador Program: A Success or Colossal Backfire?

MMGN writes: While some will find ways to blanket the conclusive issues that pushed Nintendo to cut the price of the 3DS handheld so soon after its release, recent sales figures from Japan suggest issues with the Ambassador program, Nintendo's sorry note to early purchases of the handheld.

The program, created to compensate early 3DS buyers with 20 free downloadable games following the abnormally early price cut for the handheld, has initiated a spike in pre-owned 3DS sales in Japan, while sales figures for new 3DS hardware have dropped significantly.

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LOGICWINS2415d ago

How could it have been a colossal backfire? Getting 20 free games is better than getting 0 free games.

Gaetano2415d ago

You should read the article before commenting. You don't really contribute to the community otherwise. Backfire in that it initiated pre-owned sales jump, but sales for new hardware fell dramatically.

jacksonmichael2414d ago

Well of course that is going to happen... The sales of new units is painfully obvious, really. People just want to get a good deal. It's nearly a non-issue.

gumgum992414d ago

It didn't come out yet! Patience! ^_^