Sony Needs A First-Party RPG Like Legend Of Dragoon

Sony keeps pumping out the great exclusives, but where's our first-party RPG? The defining role-playing title? Why can't it be a LoD sequel?

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LiquifiedArt2479d ago

agree with the title. We need a 1st party JRPG developer.

Abash2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

I'd love an Action JRPG similar to Kingdom Hearts from Sony

NewMonday2479d ago

1st party JRPG is the biggest thing missing from Sony.

i wish they would establish a studio in the same caliber as PD and Team Ico, that is dedicated to dedecated to JRPGs.

MS tried with Lost Odyssey and Nintendo is delivering with Xenoblade and Last Story, but nothing yet from Sony.

NukaCola2479d ago

Sony has some like Demon's Souls and Valkrie Chronicles. But I agree, Sony does need the big one, which could be Final Fantasy versusXIII, but we will wait to see.

2479d ago
Godmars2902479d ago

A JRPG dev is not the same as a 1st party JRPG. Which they have technically in WKC.

The real problem is though is that there is no such thing as a JRPG on HD consoles, just either slightly upgraded PS2 titles or something with RPG elements.

Dart892479d ago

Yes we do and on top of that i believe LOD 2 is way over due Sony.

DarkBlood2479d ago

yes this or a remake of the original keeping the story the same with extra parts in it like Lloyd story from his perspective as in more of it etc etc

i used to play this a whole lot back in the day as this was my first rpg and learn my ropes from that game first it was using items to beat the boss and dying so many times lol till i finally mastered the combo attacks

RastafariPrime2479d ago

Um, White Knight Chronicles anyone?

golsilva2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

level 5 was the primary developer for the two ps3 games and the psp verision was done by matrix software, a third party dev. bleach soul resurccion was done by a company called eighting (develops bleach psp games). demon souls was done by from software. they havent really done any full fledge ps3 title because of the bigger psp importance in japan which shifts their attention there. during the early days of the ps3, sce japan made quite a bit of titles although most of them were psn games like siren blood curse, last guy, trash panic and more recently kung fu rider, ape escape, and echochrome 2. I think the recent lack of titles from sce japan is due to the vita and most of sony jaapn devs are working on vita games which meant less ps3 and psp games. gravity daze is the only one announced by sce japan but i bet there are at least 2 more titles being made.

golsilva2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

scej (japenese playstation division) doesnt buy studios based on their past actions. Theres two developers in japan owned by sony, sce japan studio and polphony digital. now sce japan studio includes team ico (ico, sotc, and last guardian) and team siren (siren devs that are working on gravity daze) along with other teams that are not credited in the games.

I think i read once japan studios has like 400 employees. Both these studios were founded by sony and since then no jp studio has been bought. I think its based on the culture there that japanese loyalty will translate to exclusive titles for both sony and nintendo. I mean nis and gust primarily work on playstation platforms because of early success on their systems and they continued due to tradition and loyalty. this makes scej not compelled to buy studios if some of them make exclusive titles for your system without giving any cash. Still its a risky strategy in the future as development costs will go up and studios might go more multiplat in the future.

Peaceful_Jelly2479d ago

Sony has shooters, casual stuff, platformers, MMO's, adveventure/action games, racing, etc. They have everything but 2D fighting games and Rpg's.

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