360 still might see Gears PC bits

With Gears of War launching on PC today , Eurogamer thought it would be a good idea to ask Mark Rein for the umpteenth time whether the five new chapters are ever going to come out on Xbox 360.

Asked if Epic is categorically never going to release them as downloads for Xbox 360 users, Rein said, "It looks that way."

Never? "Well, never say never, but I mean there's no plans to do it."

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predator4050d ago

i hope they do, my pc will be playing crysis all the time and i cant be done with paying £30 to get the PC ver just to do those extra chapters.

kewlkat0074050d ago

I'll leave it at that..

[wishful thinking]

Syko4050d ago

Gears hasn't been in my Xbox in about 4 months. If and when this did come out it would be the only thing that makes me put it back in.

WafflesID4050d ago

Wow uhm, good for you?

I'm sure you have a very good point hidden in there somewhere...

BlackTigea4050d ago

I don't really get why they would only release the chapters on the Pc ... Would they not gain more off more bigger user base of the 360 then pc. I mean not all of us can have high-end Pc to play this. Ether way I really do hope they release this on the 360 near future. They got nothing to lose.

predator4050d ago

yes it seems only right by doing these as dlc for the 360, 4mill + people bought it for the 360, i cant hounstly see the pc version selling well at all.

Rhezin4050d ago

they won't do it, their ps3 fangirls now.

WafflesID4050d ago

UT3 is still coming out for the 360. Just not at the same time as the PS3 version. Big woop. Not like the opposite hasn't been true with countless other games.

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