GTA 5 needs destruction and cheats

Product-Reviews writes: Two of the most needed features for GTA 5, in our opinion, are destruction and cheats. Having played GTA 4 for hundreds of hours it’s obvious that cheats add another layer to GTA. Entering a code into the cell phone and gaining access to all the weapons, or a helicopter let’s the player take on another world of flying around and becoming a sniper on top of high buildings that took a helicopter to reach. The next version of Grand Theft Auto needs cheats again, but also with some more innovative items that could include diggers, JCBs, remote control planes with guns, parachutes, gunships etc.

Pair the above with a destructible environment in GTA 5 and you’ve really got something special. Imagine taking out buildings with diggers, piece-by-piece, and blowing parts of buildings away with rocket launches or a gunship/helicopter.

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rabidpancakeburglar2507d ago

Destruction although it would be awesome isn't all that necessary but good cheats are essential

hamoor2507d ago

Gta v needs all the fun factor in San Andreas back!!!

danswayuk2507d ago

I agree the cheats really make the gameplay more interesting, but for those that love something a little more realistic, destruction is also essential.

CommonSense2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

for those that want more realism, not having stuff disappear beyond a 10 foot radius is essential.

it bums me out when something crazy happens when i'm driving and then i turn around to see the carnage, and everything looks as if i had never been there.

not only would destruction be awesome, but construction would be awesome too. After a building or bridge gets messed up, you should see construction workers working on it. and if it's an important building or bridge or street, there should be news about it on the radio, along with detour signs.

gta also needs to borrow from saints row's mini map system where it unlocks shortcuts once you find em.

EDIT: since GTA talk radio is always pretty topical, i hope they poke fun at the TSA.

nopunctuation2507d ago

The only reason GTA IV didnt have that many cheats is because MS killed cheat codes when they introduced achievements to consoles. That was the price, but id rather have trophies than cheats any day. Dont need people cheating to trophies after all.

rabidpancakeburglar2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Can't say I agree, cheats when done well could massively increase the fun factor of games. Trophies and achievements while fun to collect are useless.

hamoor2507d ago

Yeah let's blame ms for every problem on planet earth!
That's not an excuse. It was all rockstar choice.

dangert122507d ago

his not blaming microsofted for every problem i disagreed with you aswell also reported you as immature

hamoor2507d ago

Why immature? He stated something without facts to prove his claims and I've called him for that.

rabidpancakeburglar2507d ago

He is in a way right about achievements killing cheat codes although he may not have made his point in a good way.

Saying that in your comment is immature and he is right about rockstar making a choice

maniacmayhem2507d ago


How was Hamoor being immature? You're being overly sensitive and reading something that is not there.

Is this how n4g works?

dangert122507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

No one blamed microsoft for every problem on this earth, he took the comment above well out of context.Immaturely and nope I was just letting him no the reason for my disagree disagreeing and not saying why is immature

hamoor2507d ago

It was an obvious joke.
I think the problems is that you are taking it personally (for some reason?)

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maniacmayhem2507d ago

Have no idea where you got that assumption from. MS fault that there's no cheats in GTA? There are no amount of words i can put together to point out just how wrong you are.

but i am curious just exactly where you got that insane theory from.

tee_bag2422507d ago

@ nopunctuation.
What you say isn't exactly correct. GTA4 had cheats as do many other MS games. You were able to activate cheats in GTA4 but it stopped achievements.

dangert122507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

nope not taking it personal i just thought it was Immature and the option was there so i used it legally then explained why i have nothing against you

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firemassacre2507d ago

gta needs tommy vercetti to slap rockstar out of there senses and make a good gta game.

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