Review Bastion - [VVGtv]

VVGtv Writes:
Bastion is an Action RPG game that speaks so many words to me. This title will make you emotional at points and think real hard about what is going on in your own life. I have seen a lot of RPGs, but nothing quite like this one. There are points in the game where it just gets really intense and then it starts to slow down. I can admit to you, that a lot of games get me right in the heart. But for Bastion, it gets even deeper.

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Rushing_Punch2541d ago

A little late to the party bucko.

It is a great game though, love how the story is meant for you to new game + at least once

MasterBlud2541d ago

Yeh. We got the review copy super late, due to it being within their emails. The Story just reminds me of being read to as a Child.

Sarcasmology2541d ago

By who? You had parents? Lucky...

Solidus187-SCMilk2541d ago

this game is really great. im glad I bought it and it seemed to get better and better as it went on.

It really is worth the money and far exceed my expectations of a 15$ game. Id put it up there with Shadow complex as one of my favorite DL games this gen.

I suggest people try the demo and buy it ASAP if they enjoy the demo at all as the game only gets better as it goes on. there is definatly enought gameplay hours and value for the 15$.

BeastlyRig2541d ago

Glad this is coming to pc! everyone seems to like it!

MasterBlud2541d ago

It honestly, has a touching story. The concept is superb. I really do not want to spoil it.