Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the Ideal Action RPG writes: "A true Action-RPG should be known and praised for both its Action | Shooter elements as well as it’s RPG elements but that wasn’t the case for Mass Effect 2 as it was all action and all combat that received all of the accolades. The Action-RPG genre needs an enema and this is where Deus Ex: Human Revolution enters into the scene."

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ATi_Elite2418d ago


I'll go with The Witcher 2 for my ideal action-RPG.

Deus EX:HR will suffer from consolelitis.

Doc-Holliday2418d ago

Deus EX:HR will suffer from consoleitis, no doubt. That's why I will be buying it on steam during the xmas sale when it is $20.

The Witcher 2 is excellent, but you cannot compare it to Deus Ex. They are both action rpgs, yes, but both appeal to different ppl. One being a futuristic RPG with guns where you can make it through much of the game using stealth, the other being a fantasy RPG with alchemy, magic, swords, fighting monsters. not much of a comparison.

Doc-Holliday2418d ago

Did that guy just diss Mass Effect 2? GTFO

Bigpappy2418d ago

This is a great example of over-hyping a game. The not only is saying that this is a better Action RPG than ME2, but goes on to say: "The fact that this game can be most compelling action game of 2011 as well as the most in-depth RPG game this year competing with both Gears of War 3 AND Skyrim alike is something that is truly extraordinary." Now that is some funny shyt right there. I plan to buy this game, but hopefully it is over by the time both of those games are released.

Deus Ex is a good series, but those 3 games are just on another level when it come to total production value. ME is a top notched produced piece of work, the quality of everything they do is just really, really high. Gear owns the 3rd person shooter/Action genre, Uncharted is not really like gears and in known more for cinematic and art style. The Elderscrolls is what other try to imitate when attempting to make and open world RPG. It was simplified somewhat with Oblivion, but it looks like Skyrim will allow for deep RPG game play once again.

ATi_Elite2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

As far as best Action RPG goes The Witcher 2 has that award in the bag with only Guild Wars 2 being the ONLY candidate worthy to beat it.

I've read enough trusted hands on PC reviews of Deus Ex: HR to know that it's not the second coming of Jesus but still a B+ game where as The Witcher 2 is AAA.

GameZenith2418d ago

I never said that DE: HR will be a better game than ME2 or even ME3, I am just saying that it is on pace to implement RPG elements better than ME2 which had very sparse RPG elements in favor of a much more defined shooter experience.

CryWolf2418d ago

Looks Awesome!!! I was going to get both Deus Ex and The Witcher 2 but since we have to wait in tell 2012 now for The Witcher I guess Deus Ex will half to do for now tho.

icxe2418d ago

Pffff consolites deus ex is gonna be great on all platforms!!!!! And yes mass effect is a really good game but like he said it's a fisher price type of action rpg that is better for the casual gamer because it's them who makes them the most money not the hardcore gamer !!!!

GameZenith2418d ago

Thank you!

In a general sense, Mass Effect and by extension, Mass Effect 3 are great games and probably overall better than DE:HR when you add in graphics, cinematics, story, characters etc....

However when you narrow it down to JUST the RPG elements, this is where Deus Ex: Human Revolution will outshine ME2 and possibly ME3.

Bioware was trying to soley focus on the shooter audience with ME2 while Eidos Montreal is focusing o BOTH the Shooter AND the RPG audience simultaneously.