Sony PS4 & Xbox 720: What Would You Like From Them?

OSM: "Both companies have confirmed that they are currently developing their next generation consoles, namely the PS4 and Xbox 720, but what would you like to see them bring this time around?"

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MrSpace2387d ago

"One of the biggest advantages the Xbox 360 has over the PS3 is the hugely successful Kinect."

Really....well heres my pitch "One of the biggest advantages the PS3 has over the Xbox 360 is more first part studios and exclusive games.

"The hands free motion sensing accessory has really put the PS Move to shame" it hasn't, the PSMove still sold pretty well without all that money spent on advertising, the PS Move was just so Sony wouldn't let Kinect take all the motion controller audience, they're too focused on us core gamers and the PSV to worry about the causal audience with motion tec.

"however it has been rumored the PS4 will have this technology built in"

and I highly hope that rumor is wrong, why would Sony do that, it would make no sense. I don't want to pay a load of money for casual crap that I won't use.

Motion gaming is over Microsoft/Sony...come on

xc7x2387d ago

to me motion cotrolling isn't bad but no one has particularly done it right so all should have waited until they did have it perfected.

MrSpace2387d ago

If they wanted to do motion crap then that shouldn't be there main focus for making a next gen consoles. As I said do people really want to pay for crap they aren't going to to use.

They should do it seperate and release it after the PS4/720 comes out

egidem2387d ago

Meanwhile Nintendo is :

1) Enjoying the huge bags full of money from casuals collected over the past Wii years.

2) Laughing at both Microsoft and Sony trying to fight over the casual leftovers.

Army_of_Darkness2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

A combination of silent hill, resident evil 2, siren and dead space! I'm sure every hardcore ps3 owner will want it then:)

BrutallyBlunt2387d ago

Did you forget the Playstation 3 already has motion controls built in? It's called Sixaxis and they tried to see if it worked or not. You act as if Sony will remove the controller we are all used to and be forced to use motion controls on every game.

I also fail to see why anyone needs to take such a defensive stance because Kinect has done well on the XBOX360 that they need to automatically counter with the Playstation 3's exclusives. This article is about what the hardware may or may not be and the online services that go along with it. This isn't an article for the pro-Sony people who flood this forum to pull out their list of exclusives they keep in their wallets.

Geesh, lighten up people. No need to start another console war before the hardware is even out.

sikbeta2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )


The whole motion-boom is about to disappear, no chances it'll happen again, sure MS is smart to squeeze until the last drop with kinect, but that doesn't assure anything, now we'll see if the tablet-controller of the wii-u can win over the casual market like the motion-controller did


What I really want for the next gen is more focus on Single Player games (quality + length), more RPGs and way less shooters...

zeeshan2386d ago

Defenitely more ram in both the systems. I want PSN service to remain free. That is the most important thing! I don't want to pay $60/year just to play online! Look at XBL, you pay so much ONLY to play online and all the rest of the stuff is accessible from any smartphone, laptop, computer.

I want awesome graphics and I want the hardware to last long! This gen, M$ screwed up REAL Bad and they need to make sure they check the crap out of their next system before they ask us to give them our precious and hard earned $$$.

Lastly, let bluray be the standard for the next-gen systems. Enough of this "WE COULDN'T FIT THE WHOLE GAME IN ONE CD". I mean, why should I have to suffer if Xbox doesn't have a high capacity media? My PS3 has a bluray so give us the whole content instead of asking us to buy the rest as DLC!!

Oh and one more thing. No more crazy obssession with FPS! We want new IPs that are NOT just FPS!

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Cmpunk2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

ps move sold 8 million kinect sold 10million


Rush2387d ago

8 million accessories is not the same as 10 million fully fledged motion units.

gaden_malak2387d ago

First sentence:
Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. (SCEA) today announced that more than 8 million units of the PlayStation Move motion controller for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) system have been sold*1 worldwide as of April 3, 2011.

SilentNegotiator2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Stop trying to spread false info about the Move numbers, Rush. Sony has made it very clear that they are talking about Move controllers, not the camera or nav. +1 Trolling for you, +1 Helpful for Gaden_Malak.

Solidus187-SCMilk2387d ago

Yeah I hope the next pS and Xbox have NO MOTION controls, at least not as standard.

I also hope THAT THEY MASSAGE MY JUNK while Im playing them.

meetajhu2387d ago

I don't want to see DLC shafts. And Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter 4 arcade edition and Super Street fighter 4 kind of bs

awi59512387d ago

I want 2 replaceable ram dims in the back of the console. And i mean retail ram not a special microsoft ram.

limewax2387d ago

And that would be useful how? If you want replaceable ram then buy a PC lol.

The entire point of consoles is to have a system that runs equal for everybody, So if a game works on 1 it works on the next, Without people needing to replace parts.

If that trend came in next-gen, console owners would be half what it was this gen if not less since the majority of gamers are people looking to kill a bit of time quick and easy

anubusgold2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

@ Limewax

Having a ram upgrade isnt new retard. The N64 did it and the games looked way better and ran at 3 times the frame rate after the ram upgrade. The games that needed the ram upgrade was sold with the upgrade. Consoles have done this before and it would help to extend the lifespan of the new consoles greatly.

If the ps3 and xbox had ram expansion right now there would be no reason for new consoles. Ram is the main reason consoles are being held back today and thats cheaper than new hardware.

2387d ago
Hanif-8762387d ago

Playing video games should be a time of relaxation. I honestly don't want motion sensor gaming to become the norm.

zeeshan2386d ago

In addition to AWESOME graphics, I want my PSN to remain FREE please!!

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Godmars2902387d ago

Frankly, a better quality of games than we got this generation.

Sure there have been exceptions, but there's probably been twice as many disappoints too. Titles with short gameplay or missing features and long waits for games that just weren't worth it.

xc7x2387d ago

totally agree with you.

we were promised games this gen that would do everything and got none of that. in fact a lot of games are worse this gen than last gen despite better graphics but graphics don't make a game,never has,it just makes it easier to see that's all. i prefer the older shooter / adventure games of last gen by far over this gen. i will say,next year's games do look more impressive than i've ever seen coming out of this gen but it will have taken a full generation of these consoles to finally make it's promises and that is not cool in my book [i don't have one by the way,i prefer magazines].

jeseth2387d ago

Are you serious?

This gen has been unbelievable. By far the best games since the NES and SNES days.

PSone and PS2 have great libraries. PS2 is unbelievable to be sure but this Gen has been incredible. I'm 30 years old and NES came out when I was 5, I have been around for every big console from NES on and PS3/360 have by far the best game. The only area that "may be" lacking could be the RPG category . . . Halo, God of War 3, Resistance, Gears of War, Uncharted, LBP, GT5, Forza, Fable, inFamous, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Killzone, Red Dead, Dead Space, Mortal Kombat, MLB The Show, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, Demons Souls, Guitar Hero, Rockband, Dragn Age, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Motorstorm, Metal Gear, Bioshock, etc. etc.

This gen has been incredible.

tiffac2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

The games this gen has been awesome, I will definitely agree on that.

The community however has been populated by fanboys of all walks of life from consoles fanboys, PC fanboys, hackers fanboys, anti-anime fanboys... etc... making this generation one of the most polarizing ever, community wise.

And don't forget the tweeners online who screams a lot. sheez...

Oh and I agree with Dart89 and all those who replied to his comment. Cheap arz DLCs just blows either give us a complete game or a huge expansion with everything on it at one go and stop the small DLCs that in time will cost more than the actual game.

You can fool the casuals and the tweeners but you won't fool us.

awi59512387d ago

Yeah because of the better graphics we lost 16 player co-op like on the ghost recon games.

MightyMeegosh2387d ago

You can say the same thing for any generation of games.

Dart892387d ago

More complete games and less dlc.

blumatt2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Also, if CoD expects people to keep buying DLC at $15 a pop next generation we had better be able to use that DLC on every subsequent CoD. $15 per map pack is too much to pay if it's going to be obsolete when the next CoD comes out.

Next generation, both systems had better have bluray (or at least some high capacity disk). I don't want dlc. I want that content ON THE DISC. $60 is enough to pay. I don't want to be spending another $50 or more on dlc on top of that expensive $60. I also want game next gen to STAY at the current $60 pricepoint. $70 would be crazy!

Solidus187-SCMilk2387d ago

there will still be DLC since some of it is made after the game comes out, but I would like more games to have large expansion pack DLC in stead of these little DLCs that we see so many of today.

Im almost 100% sure the MS will have a blu-ray drive as well, since they will want people to be able to watch movies on it too and blu ray is the standard now.

Also with the extra power, especially more RAM and faster reading blu ray drives, we could see some amazing games next gen taht couldnt be done at all this gen hopefully.

xc7x2387d ago

What i want most is multiplayer taking the forefront with games,not making it a last minute decision anymore. the modes will have to go back to last gen i.m.o.,less matchmaking and more player decisions,letting there be lobbies and us making rooms for friends to play in by ourselves if we want. more choices.

WhiteLightning2387d ago

I think they should build games up with mutiplayer in mind from the start instead of tacking it on to amazing single player games or make Co-op/online DLC

We need more amazing single player games where the dev time isn't spilt between online play and single player.

spektical2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

motion gaming is not great because its not one to one yet... and its still hard to keep the player immersed..

once we get to holographic displays, you may be able to immerse a person a lot better, in 60 years. lol