How I fell out of love with online gaming

There are idiots in all walks of life, abrasive people who just plain piss us off by simply being who they are. In life though we can generally avoid them, and if we do tolerate them it’s usually for a good reason such as family or job commitments mean they cannot be avoided. But to put up with these people just to play a game? Nope sorry, let me off the online train please, I think I may be done.

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rabidpancakeburglar2537d ago

I fell out in a similar way. I used to be online most of the day but now I'm not going online for days at a time.

GrahameG2537d ago

Yeah, thing is I really wanna enjoy an online game and the co-op aspect of these titles. It's just it seems 90% of the games I'd go into were filled with idiots!

rabidpancakeburglar2537d ago

They are and the sad thing is that these idiots aren't always kids. I generally don't play multiplayer that much any more and buy games that I know will provide a great single player.

gaden_malak2537d ago

Mute has been a god-send for me.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32537d ago

I don't understand why there aren't more online rpg games for consoles, the medival and phantasy type. I thought that would be something Sony would provide, since MS caters more to the online shooter scene.

ChipChipperson2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I definitely know where you guys are coming from, but it's not so much what the community says throwing the N word like it's the or stupid 'your mom' insults. That stuff never gets to me, but it's what the game developers implement into their games and what the community can seemingly get away with is what makes me not enjoy some online games. Metal Gear Online 2 is a huge example. It had a lot of game type options, customization, challenge(to some degree, most of the time it's luck and BS), and that survival game mode held on certain days. The community however is one of the poorest communities I have ever encountered in an online game. One of the biggest things Konami should have never had in the game was the 'kick' system. This was abused to no end by the sore losers who accused EVERYONE of lag switching, knife teleporting, cqc teleporting, auto-aim, roll dodging, getting head shots and just in general playing the game. The text box function was abused by people who felt they had to talk about their meaningless personal issues and don't bother using a mic because it doesn't work well in MGO. You hear more static than your team mate's voices. These are game mechanics I'm not completely against though. I can really see their usefulness for booting real cheaters and using the text function for game strategy, but in the hands of a poor online community they are abused by the majority who are idiots and sore losers.

Not only this, but online games today lack challenge and any depth to their gameplay to keep me interested. For example I love the FPS genre, but now it has become something where developers think they have to win the fan base of the other community and just get their share of fame unfortunately. The same goes for other genres. Games are being more simplified with gameplay to the point where the game is playing it for you. It's playing itself and you're just watching. New players can become very good within a short amount of time without taking much time to actually learn the mechanics. It's fine for the game to tell and teach you how to play, but for it to play the game for you is where it gets boring. I know there is a limit to how much complexity there can be to a game before it starts to deter players, but it's gotten to the point where young children can pick it up in less than 5 minutes and gloat about it to millions of people online.

slaton242537d ago

I agree with you...multiplayer is getting outragous because of all the stupid kids and with the part about same genre competing for best game and cod....Cod in MY OPINION has the worst gameplay online and that includes 70% of the little brats who are abusing the game...for now im through with shooters online and i have been playin some RPG's(FF13) and my ps2 which still today (not graphical) the best learnt the games on ps2 i no what u mean on ps3 FF13 auto battle WTH i remember where u had to come up with a plan of attack besides random button and watch battle....i just got a bad feeling it will be worse on the next gen...especiallly when the stupid brats who are to young for certain games gets the games and runs online...great ex. CALL OF DUTY aka campers on u brats the games rated M mean mature 17+

TheBatman_Fanatic2537d ago

You do know that you can mute people, right?

RetroCrumpet2536d ago

You did read the article, right?

JTX2537d ago

I was never in love with online gaming to begin with. Single player all the way!

bozebo2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Sounds like you need dedicated servers. Consistent community of friendly players, because the pricks who join get banned.

I tend to try and get as many people as I know online at the same time; managed to get 13 of us in a BC2 server on the same team :P

Then theres co-op stuff like Terraria and Minecraft that is always great fun.

I was getting pretty bored of random XBL matchmaking around the time I built a gaming PC, the awesome random friends I had built up over the years had gradually been disappearing. Reach was the last game I played on XBL - and I only ever played it with a bunch of friends, really good fun.

In short... online gaming works better and is loads more fun when you know your teammates and/or you are playing co-op.

Xenial2537d ago

Wow, what a long rant. I understand where the writer is coming from - shit like this happens all the time but you don't see everyone with a mic quitting. Quit crying and play with friends.

tee_bag2422537d ago

That's it! Get some friends and play with them. I don't dig hearing pre pubescent American boys constantly squealing into the mic. Coop games are where it's a for me these days anyway. Iv been playing death deathmatches online since quake 1 and its stale.

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