Snapdragon S4 will triumph over Xbox 360 and PS3

Myona: Just when you think that PS4 and Xbox 720 wouldn’t be needed for the next generation gaming, now Qualcomm among the mobile chip companies that is going to change the ever growing landscape with the Snapdragon S4

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LOGICWINS2413d ago

Damn those visuals are insane for a handheld device.

Pandamobile2413d ago

Mobile tech is moving WAY faster than pretty much anything else these days. The amount of progress made in the last 4 years is absolutely mind blowing.

LOGICWINS2413d ago

Yeah, I'd love it if the next Sony and Microsoft consoles were chip based. I'd be so much more convenient. I could just play on my smartphone and then when I get home I can play on my 42 inch =)

fr0sty2413d ago

um... every game console is chip based. every computer is as well. microchips control it all.

BattleAxe2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

The Playstation Vita still blows this Qualcom tech demo out of the water. I do like the fact it has HDMI out though, which is what the Vita should have.

meetajhu2413d ago

Its a joke compared to PC hardware. Games will look nowhere close to PS3 or 360 quality

death2smoochie2413d ago


The funny part is by the time Vita is released, by pure raw numbers these mobile chips will be faster than whats inside the Vita.
Kal-El for example from Nvidia which is on the verge of being released and will be in tablets and phones before the end of 2011 has more GPU cores running inside it and more power.
By 2012 or 6-8 months after Kal-El release, Nvidia releases its refresh to Kal-El which is even faster.
Take a look at the release calender for Qualcomm and Nvidia mobile technology for the next 1-3 years and what you are witnessing is this mobile tech market moving faster than all other tech markets right now.

Information Minister2413d ago

@ death2smoochie

And the sad part is that by the time Vita is released, the best game on mobile phones will still be Angry Birds. Raw specs mean nothing without the software to use them. And how much will a high-end Kal-El smartphone cost contract-free? But hey, those benchmark apps sure look great!

limewax2412d ago

Biggest problem with mobile tech is it is getting very close to its peak now, something we will likely see pretty soon. The Nm is only going to be able to decrease so far, after that leakage becomes an issue. The fact that battery is the only available source of power is its limit.

Until we overcome leakage issues at such low Nm's (unlikely altogether) or invent a new power source its peak will continue to close faster and faster. Yet even more damaging is the fact that mobile tech is the ONLY tech moving at this rate, Its catching up with its big brother, But when it does, it needs advancement from its older bro to have footsteps to follow in. It will never be able to make those steps itself at all

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Honky Kong2413d ago

if vita had hdmi you wouldnt be forced to have a ps3

BattleAxe2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

I know, its so damn powerful it blows all other portable devices out of the water, and even competes with the 360 in terms of graphics. I think Aliens must have chipped in with the Vita design process.

kaveti66162413d ago

" I think Aliens must have chipped in with the Vita design process."

Please let's not do this again.

Rush2413d ago

BattleAxe, I recommend finding your nearest Sony glory hole to blow off some steam.

Maybe then you can rejoin society.

colombiankilla012413d ago

@ BattleAxe I consider myself a sony fanboy but you're just making us look retarded!

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Persistantthug2413d ago

Yes, they are getting better, and they will continue to get better,
But mobile devices will always be behind, Largely because they have to balance their abilities with power constraints.

By the time a mobile device can precisely do what a console can do, say a PS3 for example, the next generation PS4 will have arrived and be a couple of years in.

joab7772413d ago

I agree w u and I will add that hardware is only one apsect of gaming. There has been alot of hardware that has wow'd ppl but fallen far short in the software development. If a splash is to b made, someone will have to cut a deal w a major gaming company and create a great game, ie. Halo & GoW3.

geeknizer2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

awesome stuff for gaming. But I would wait for benchmarks co their gpu isn't promising, they just cant beat a desktop gpu so easily.


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Hellsvacancy2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Theres certainly gonna be more choice on the market next gen, i dont like too many choices though, keep it simple, 1 or the other (2)

Teh econonmy is goin doin the toilet anyway, doubt we'll av any choices at all

Guitardr852413d ago

I completely agree. If we get too many choices then it will be harder and harder to have a complete gaming experience as you would have to own 50 different devices to play all of the games you want. Look at the start of the android market for example. They had sooo many devices running on different versions of android that iw was hard for developers to lock down a specification for what their game should look like. I have tht thunderbolt but I find it hard to play as many HD games as ones found on itunes, and that's just because of standardization. We really need to make sure this doesn't get out of control.

Blaine2413d ago

You mean you really care about Android games? I don't give a shit what games my smartphone could run, I have a PS3 and PSP for games. I use my phone for calls, email, and maps, I have no battery power to waste playing games on it.

Inside_out2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

This is what everybody keeps talking about and what I have said many times...Nintendo missed the boat and M$ and Sony better get their new consoles out there fast or EA, Activision, Ubisoft, ThQ, Bethesda, name it, could commissioned their own devices and cut those guys right out of all those profits.

Technology has become super cheap, at least in terms of what makes the 360 and PS3 run. What if EA or Activision decided to put their IP's on something a little more powerful than that example, but their OWN device. You don't even need a handheld of any kind...just look at Onlive...that is the future.

The only thing M$ and Sony can do at this point is make the next consoles so high tech, that it will take years for the IOS generation to catch them. Look at the price of a fully optional could build a killer console for that price.

They better launch in 2012 or they lose big. They should of launched already...6-7 years between updates is just plain dumb. If Apple did that, they would be dead in the water.

Pandamobile2413d ago

Why is every one of your comments on this website just a giant wall of non-sense?

xXtremeHDGamerXx2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Because he is an inside out idiot.

DA_SHREDDER2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Maybe your the one that doesn't know what you're talking about Panda? I'm guessing you think consoles are gonna stay the same forever? Don't get me wrong, I love my ps3 and 360, they paved the way for online gaming on consoles, but to think that tabs and mobile phones aren't the future of gaming is just insanity if you ask me.

Look at how powerful your precious Vita is. The WiiU already has a tab for a controller. Its only gonna be a matter of time before tabs and services like Onlive take over, and Sony is gonna do what they are doing with PS Suite.

The thing is they lose so much money on hardware it's not even gonna make sense to make hardware when everything can just be downloaded on a tab or come to you from a cloud server. I would bet the farm that if the ps4 even launches, it will end up being a tab. You can still have blutooth controllers and headsets. I don't get you console and pc fanboy's side of the argument at all?

tiffac2413d ago

Will the console industry evolve? sure it will. Will it die out? I doubt it. When technology makes leaps and bounds there is an industry that will take a hit but its hardly a nail in a coffin especially if that technology can help evolve that said industry.

So no console gaming will not die it will benefit from the handheld industry like the PC market did with the console.

I think that is the part that people should start realizing by now and stop with this doom and gloom scenario especially when the current console life span is at its end.

BubbleSniper2412d ago

accept this rofl as a free gift

XabiDaChosenOne2411d ago

"but to think that tabs and mobile phones aren't the future of gaming is just insanity if you ask me." Thankfully no one asked you. tabs and mobile phones will have their place in the market, but they are no taking it over.
"services like Onlive take over"
Most definitely! Just look at how great onlive is doing...oh wait.

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Solid_Snake-2413d ago

im sure you just copy and paste from the biggest troll site on the internet.....oh wait we are on it right now.

@pandamobile.....well said.

Jdub895O2412d ago

well said inside out, dont let those idiots tell you otherwise.

Onlive is a service the consoles cant compete with. Its only going to get better as internet gets faster. I play onlive and amazed of how well it works.

Sony better pull something out of their a$$ on the ps4 because technology and internet is evolving fast.

jacksheen00002413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

The visual are incredible for a hand held.

showtimefolks2413d ago

both ps3 and xbox360 are over 5 years old so this is brand new mobile tech so its suppose to look better.

and when the new systems come out they will look better its just a process when something new comes out its suppose to look better than what's already in the market before it

other than that insane looking

xtreampro_REVENGE!2413d ago

The mobile market is advancing much faster than the console market. There'll come a time when both consoles and Smart-phones will be on-par with each other.

CynicalVision2413d ago

That's not really surprising considering consoles are designed to on the market for years at a time while smart-phones are upgraded every year.

Guitardr852413d ago

Whatever makes the most money will have the quicker innovations.

sikbeta2413d ago

That's because you not see a console release every year, if that was the case, gaming consoles would be leading, but that doesn't work, no one would buy a console knowing the next year it could be another one with more/better tech and improvements, it'd be insanely expensive for manufacturers and confusing for consumers...

starcb262413d ago

The battery life of phones might hold it back though.

showtimefolks2413d ago

mobile tech advances because every year there is a new version of that product while console like xbox360 and ps3 will be in market for next 3-5 year adding close to 10 years of total time in market in ps3's case it maybe over 10 years.

so go ahead plan a mobile device for 10 years. we see new iphones every year ipad's every 10 months or so

but i do believe that moving forward the tech between mobile devices and home consoles will be neck and neck. What i mean is HD gaming on the go will become even bigger part of our life along with all the other hd entertainment

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