Infinity Ward Puts To Bed The 9/11 Comparison Worries About Modern Warfare 3 (Playstationfans)

If you haven’t noticed in all the released content from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 events over the past few months, New York City get invaded by the Russians just like Washington D.C. in MW2.

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Dwalls11712534d ago

Its dumb for people to be comparing this videogame scene to crazy as this world is today this is the thing ppl care about ???

evrfighter2534d ago

that's funny I havn't seen any news of people caring about mw3 content.

CoD is played out and people don't care about what kind of shock tactics they try and pull anymore

3GenGames2533d ago

This. Plus, there's always that one thing that most people don't give two craps about, but then the 1% that thinks violence in videogames is the end of the world sue it up and everyone then makes a big deal about it.

That's a sign that the game its self is done for. And this one's even more done since the story for MW3 was already out. You don't even have to buy the game if you care for the story, and don't have to buy the game if you want the multiplayer because it's Modern Warfare 2 all over again just different killstreaks and textures with a never-ending story. Well, it would end if your wallets told it too so that Activision will stop the series and work twords something more creative and realistic and fun. One day it will happen and when you see what better comes from them and innovation you will join everyone else who ditched the COD hopewagon this year of what moving on does--makes a better game.

subtenko2534d ago

Just like its dumb for people to get offended by zombie kids in games...when its not even real. So many hypocrites when it comes to this stuff its not even funny. -_-

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Cpt_kitten2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

the 9/11 ones but what about the 7/7 bombings??? stupid terrorists supporters never buy activision again

and still dose not give them an excuse for letting people just freely shoot innocent people in the airport

theEx1Le2533d ago

How on earth are they terrorist supporters?

Prototype2534d ago

I swear people these days will find ANYTHING to bitch about; last time I checked there's a very big, noticeable difference between games and real life situations. Yes 9-11 was a day I will not forget (I was 19 at the time) but damn no one is using it in a video game, or even trying to compare it.

I do commend Bowling saying its not anything related to real life, and I agree with him the media will do anything to get 15 min of fame that gets extended out to about 6-8 months of "remember when..."

It wouldn't surprise me if somewhere there's a big anti-gaming group and their sole purpose is to find any, small, non-caring situation in any game and blow it out of proportion.

Dwalls11712534d ago gonna be honest im tired of hearing about 9/11 was Along time ago and its over...and this is coming from a guy that lives in NY ..and has friends who lost loved ones....even they say it comes a time,when you have to move on.........

Hazmat132534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

people still talk about 9/11? its been 10 years get over it. i mean really?

Grip2534d ago

I am a muslim and i do care about 9/11 3000 Innocent were killed in that day.. so iraq war over half million killed in that stupid war.. i do care to any Innocent death.

Hazmat132534d ago

over 1 million jews were killed. i hear jokes left and right about that time heals all wounds. i respect your religion and your views. blame the government. even in chaos there is order.

antz11042533d ago

@ Hazmat,
9/11 was the worst tragedy in American history, a lot of great people were lost and thanks to the wonders of modern communications millions of people watched it happen.

Seriously, did you ask why ppl don't get over it and then make a holocaust reference?


cjflora2534d ago

I haven't heard any controversy. This sounds like a ploy to start one for attention though.

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