RAGE Multiplayer Doesn’t Have Any TDM or CTF, Sorry Bruh. (Hands On)

RipTen: "Yet, is that really a problem? Does RAGE need the same type of multiplayer that everyone else has?"

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xPhearR3dx2393d ago

Car combat would be a nice change of a pace anyway. I'm not bothered.

LOGICWINS2393d ago

I'm not bothered either. If you want to play TDM and CTF, then there are other games on the market that will provide that for you.

lil Titan2393d ago

im actually sorta happy about this with Resistance 3 and Battlefield 3 right around the corner splitting my online time with these two is already going to be a hassle

Heartnet2392d ago

Even if ur not bothered.. Wouldnt of been a bad thing if it had CTF or TDM... you cant be happy about a feature not being in there as it wudnt do it any harm

blumatt2393d ago

While the game doesn't necessarily NEED those game modes, some people will be pissed about their absence. I'm almost sold on buying this game. Not sure yet.

ATi_Elite2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Every game doesn't need a MP!

Devs and Publishers need to realize trying to staple on a MP just takes away from the quality of the SP. Instead of a MP for rage i would use that Dev time for some AAA DLC and some mods to the game.

Some games can have a MP while others just do not need them!

NuclearDuke2393d ago

I believe most games should have a multiplayer. None of todays FPS has a single player worthy of replaying.

RAGE definately needs one and I am looking forward to it.

Heartnet2392d ago

Yes it does! every game needs some sort of MP.. otherwise where is the replay value? once youve done the story your not gonna replay it as youll know what happens and when..

Only exception to this rule is games like Heavy Rain and Mass Effect as you can change the game as you play it..

Multiple Endings do not equal replay value btw

Solidus187-SCMilk2393d ago

I actually hate objective type games in multiplayer usually. I want co-op objective type games and competitive killing. Mixed together to get things like CTF and KotH etc and I usually hate them, so im not upset about them not having that.

I dont think games need multiplayer at all, but its good to hear that the multiplayer that they are adding is something that fits in their game as opposed to doing what everyone else is.

zero_cool2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I think it would be cool to have some other vehicles like a one-man chopper like in mad max beyond the thunder dome had or a hover craft or dirt bike or avt!

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CrzyFooL2393d ago

20 hour single player, 10 co op maps, a whole car racing circuit, I think it can do without a tacked on CTF and TDM that people will just say is unbalanced anyway.

TheDivine2393d ago

I didnt know it had co-op HELL YEA! Thats the icing on the cake. I prefer co-op to multi anyways, if i want multi il play like one game i stick with (kz3 right now). This is for the singleplayer here. Hope the car combat turns out as good as the old vigilante 8 and twisted metal games. Love some crazy vehicular homicide.

Heartnet2392d ago

How do you know it wouldve been tacked on? cudve been awesome lol..

Just like the Co Op and Car racing jazz cud also justve been "tacked on"

Vegivo2393d ago

Sounds awesome the more i hear about it!

EazyC2393d ago

It'll be in DLC. Trust me.

mafiahajeri2393d ago

dont get why this game doesnt have competitive MP there going to lose alot sales. Its not like its an RPG...

xPhearR3dx2393d ago

It does have competitive MP. Competitive MP doesn't just = TDM and CTF.

mafiahajeri2392d ago

No kidding sherlock. What I meant was who in the heck is going to play an FPS's MP competitievly when the only mode is racing around in a car? shooting people? sounds like twisted metal to me. Does that sound like competitive FPS material to you?

DtotheRoc2393d ago

ahaha i understand the joke apparently i'm one of 3 ppl and 6 ppl did't get it ha. yes i'm soo excited for this game. a Fall out game with action and not that boring to watch freeze the game and aim ur equipment/weapons at the specific part of an enemy (turn-based rpg nonsense). i did like the premise of a game like fall out 3 for its exploration but when i watched a buddy of mine play for about a half hour i couldn't stand it anymore. worst idea in gaming is that turn-based crap.

Pillage052393d ago

There is absolutely no reason you have to use the turn based-ish feature(VATS) of fallout 3/NV. You can play it just as a normal fps if you choose. It can come in handy in a jam but a decent shooter at the default difficulty won't be needing it very often.

And the slow down camera shot for kills can be turned off in the options. (Atleast it can in New Vegas...I don't remember if fallout 3 did or not)

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