Five Studios Microsoft Should Buy

"Microsoft’s first-party developers portfolio is rather lackluster when compared to its rivals. But that’s not to say that Microsoft doesn’t have decent first-party developers at all. Lionhead Studios, Rare Ltd. and Turn 10 Studios are some of the examples of high quality devs that make exclusive titles for the Xbox brand."

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gameguru2391d ago

Hmmm M$ buying epic? Not very likely

Kran2391d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Again with the use of M$. Why is it nobody goes Activi$ion or EA Game$? Why is Microsoft penalised over everything? I aint fanboying over them, but I just get sick when I see the $ in MS name because pretty much 95% of video game companies are about money!

On topic, why should they buy any of those companies? Once they buy them, they wouldnt take any notice of them.

I mean look how poorly Alan Wake was marketed.

@below Haha very funny.

And why does it bother me? People act as if Microsoft are the worst company around, which is why I get sick of the use of M$. They are not the worst around. And like some of you think, I am not fanboying over them. I support Sony more than MS. This is just my opinion.

blumatt2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

lol @ Shanks that was uncalled for.

Anyway, it doesn't matter who MS buys. They just need to buy a few studios. When next gen starts they're gonna need some new IPs. Halo and Gears cannot be relied on solely as Xbox 720 launch games. We know for sure the PS3 will have tons of first party exclusives launching with the PS4. They have around 23 studios under their belt with which to utilize. The Xbox brand needs new exclusives. That Kingdoms game looks good, but that's third party. Now, if MS could somehow BUY that developer, that would be good.

CaptainMarvelQ82391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )


Seriously though,M$ does need to buy a company rather than turning one's into making casual games

DualConsoleOwner2391d ago

They been abandoning hardcores for a while now...
they spend tons on kinect and casuals and nothing on hardcores.

This is why people call M$. cause for money they are abandoning their royal hardcore customers.

InTheLab2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Take how MS treats it's customers and compare it to other companies. MS was M$ long before they sold consoles and after...they charge you $10 to change your gamertag. How can anyone defend that?


SOE charges $50 to change EQ names. You could call Sony, $ony but that does not change the fact that MS rapes their customers as much as, if not worse, than anyone else.

You're saying MS is greedy like everyone else but you're criticizing people for damning a greedy company as if you've never seen anyone complain about EA or activision.

MidnytRain2391d ago

I think you are overreacting, Kran.

Bathyj2391d ago

M$ (freedom of speech, deal with it) has not only wrecked themselves this gen by destroying/ dismantling all their devs, but they've put them themselves in the position where I dont see them offering anything worth investing in next gen.

I'll still get the best multiplats, but I'll get them on a console with the best exclusives too, like I do now.

M$ to me is becoming what Nintendo already is. Irrelevant. This will probably be the last gen I own all consoles, which I have done (minus a couple Segas)since 8 bits days.

I dont hate them, they just dont apply to me anymore.

If you had to sum it all up in one word it would be "Meh".

meetajhu2391d ago

First 3 studios theatrically impossible.

ATi_Elite2391d ago

So M$ can run it into the ground, bankruptcy, then have the studio disappear into oblivion all without ever producing one quality game.

Get Real!! I don't want M$ buying anything cause all they would do is screw it up!

check out this link and scroll down to see a list of M$ Studios current and Vaporized along with the I.P.s they own where M$ is only actually working on a few of them.

Nexgensensation2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I'm pretty sure M$ can make back the money, due to the fact that they have the casual market on hold, and with those listed studios M$ can take an immortalize spot in the hardcore market with Sony.

That can force the market to get both console. They win, we win, and everybody's satisfied!

humbleopinion2391d ago

@Kran, why do you care if people mispell MS for M$ or Sony for $ony on purpose?
It's a useful troll detecting mechanism! It's like having an idiot marked with "I'm here to play an irrational jackass and because I can't make any valid arguments I'll just resort to trolling" on his forehead so you'll know to take his babble at the right context. And people here do it voluntarily!

As for the actual topic: yeah, look how bad Bungie turned once Microsoft bought them. I feel sorry for the poor company who almost went bust...

Bonobo123452391d ago


RankFTW2391d ago

MicroSoft were referred to as M$ even before the xbox came out, get a grip.

kneon2391d ago

"95% of video game companies are about money!"

And the rest are soon to be out of business. The only goal of any company is to make money, everything else is secondary.

punisher992391d ago

My question to you is. Whats it to you? Why do you even care?? Are you the head CEO of Microsoft??

Biggest2391d ago

"The only goal of any company is to make money, everything else is secondary."

Not true.

juggulator2391d ago

Wrong. Some video game companies are about making great games.

On this topic, Remedy and Ruffian make the most sense. Epic and Crytek cannot be bought.

MaxXAttaxX2390d ago

Ok that may be a bit harsh.
But how about Level 5? They weren't gonna buy them, but Level 5 was working on a game for M$ and were treated like...not very good.

M$ has a problem letting developers do what they want.

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showtimefolks2391d ago

If i own a studio why would i want to be bought out by MS think about it their track record isn't great. Look at Rare they turned a very talented studio into pile of crap.


This is why if MS buys a studio they will dictate what that studio works on and stuff not much creative freedom they are more straight forward about money than either nintendo or sony.

Look at the risks MS takes games wise not much look at sony and how they keep buying studios the way i look at it is if you want to work on whatever you want stay independent or be bought out by sony. If you want to own your IP go with EA's partner's program.

EPIC GAMES: do people know how big epic games really is? do you know how much it would cost to buy them so its not happening. Its like saying MS should buy UBI or Activision both can be bought but for billions starting with a capital B.

Crytek: Now here is a studio which didn't want to be bought out by EA because i think like insomniac they want to stay free and work on stuff they desire. But i am sure if someone throws enough money at them they won't mind being bought out

Remedy entertainment: here is a studio that MS should buy and let them have creative freedom to work on a new IP or a true sequel to alan wake. a very talented studio indeed(who owns the rights to AW IP i read somewhere that RE owns the rights not MS but they have a exclusive deal with ms????)

Ruffian Games: who ever did crackdown 2 should be fired because the 1st game set a great open world but it sold because it had beta codes for halo 3 and 2dn should have been much much much better game. Crackdown IP should be MS infamous if done right crackdown has so much potential so yes buy this studio or please make a crackdown 3 with a proper story and even bigger open world with much better graphics.

Gas Powered Games: i am not sure about them i played the demo for few of their games so if MS thinks its the right way to do thing that go ahead

right now MS is in a state of mind that core gamers have bought the consoles now to move to casual market and by doing so they are forgetting their core base.

after the original xbox MS had a strong place in core gamers heart but after the last 2 E3's i am not too sure right now what to think

Persistantthug2391d ago

Clearly Microsoft has shown that they are utterly clueless and incompetent when it comes to managing dev studios.

I mean, they closed ENSEMBLE....shuttered DIGITAL ANVIL, broke down FASA, and killed ACES.

Look at what RARE has become under the watch of Microsoft....poor Rare....they were so elite, and now they are just a poor shell of themselves.

Bungie was Microsoft's BEST developer, and apparently, they wised up, made a deal, and hopped on the first thing smokin ASAP. Good for them.

Honestly, I think we've all seen enough of Microsoft's creative management style.

miDnIghtEr2391d ago

Rare was down and out before they came to MS. Also Rare has made a great game in Kinect Sports.

And you're right, MS doesn't need to really buy any studios. They're already kicking butt in the most important place for game sales. Even beating Nintendo and $ony this year and last year without having to buy any game companies.

Persistantthug2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I've heard this before, that Rare doesn't have the talent anymore or they left or whatever.

But guess whose responsibility it is to return a creative-ailing dev back to full strength? Guess who's supposed to be accountable in nurturing their developers' creative muscle?
A GOOD dev-studio manager would.

Apparently, the old adage must be true.....Obviously the blind can't lead the blind.

You know what I really find both funny and sad? It's that RARE made and/or still makes Nintendo games (Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise Nintendo DS 2008).

It's like RARE is a captured and caged animal. All it really wants to do is be set free to return to what it knows, because it remembers when it was truly great. But it's captors are only obsessed with getting what it wants out of this once great animal and isn't concerned with or the well being for animals in general, as it kills most of its others it keeps captured.
Rare, with no way to communicate its sadness, it communicates the best way it knows how......Rare makes Nintendo games.

Enjoy Kinect Sports.

Enjoy Kinect.

Edit in: <---Save the Rare devs

Cmpunk2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

crytek wont go to microsoft

they have devolopers from rare, and they left rare because they considered microsoft the devil, they said they will never work for them so stfu

WetN00dle692391d ago

LINK or it never happened.

morventhus2391d ago Show
bozebo2391d ago

"that staff left after 007 golden eye or perfect dark was made to form free radical dumb ass "

yes... but he is still right. they were from rare before that.

Disccordia2391d ago

Yes but Rare wasn't with MS at that point. Oh and at above: Crackdown 2 Wasmade by Ruffian Games

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zeddy2391d ago

epic and crytek yes but dont even know who the others are. they shoud have bought bungie a long time ago. but if they wanted to they could buy the shit out of kojima productions.

Otheros002391d ago

They used to owned Bungie. Bungie became independent last year. Guess you just started gaming this gen.

Chocoboh2391d ago

If you think Konami would let Microsoft buy out their developing studios you're sadly mistaken

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MrSpace2391d ago

What would be the point in buying Remedy, they didn't care much for Alan Wake since they didn't give it any promotion or even try to put it in the media spotlight and to top that all off they released it the same day as Red Dead Redemption....a Rockstar game, it was suicide.

With a story driven game like Heavy rain doing so well on the PS3, Alan Wake should of been released for the PS3 aswell, it probably would of done better. Sony like creative and new ideas, I bet they would of shown this game some love.

The one exclusive which sets it's self apart from the typical shooter games Microsoft focuses on and they treat it like crap.

omi25p2391d ago

You say alan wake would have done better on ps3 and yet games like killzone 3 and infamous 2 that are both great games sell poorly on the ps3.

It has nothing to do with platform, The fact is microsoft didnt market alan wake enough. Also alan wake released a week or two before Red Dead Redemption.

KingSlayer2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

KZ3 and inFamous 2 didn't sell poorly. Sony didn't buy Sucker Punch b/c inFamous 2 flopped. Alan Wake didn't sell well, not b/c of lack of marketing, but b/c the game really wasn't very interesting. Or fun even.

2391d ago
firemassacre2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

ok omi, you said killzone 3 sold bad? and infamous 2? they sold great, and you have to concider we ps fans have to also buy motorstorm, yakuza, resistance 3, littlebigplanet 2, socom 4 ect ect ect. while you have a whole fanbase waiting for 2 games ps3 fans are waiting for like 20 thats the COLD HARD FACTS ;)

Godchild10202391d ago

Did you ready his comment clearly? He said "it would have done better if it was released on the PS3 ASWELL." Like, along side the 360 version. Whether is would have sold better on the PS3 is a different story and with the looks of Heavy Rain, being only on the PS3 and I THINK it did better than Alan Wake.

When you say poorly, how do you mean? I'm sure both games broke at least a million copies sold in the US alone. In my standards that is not poor sales nor is it to Sony, since they did buy Sucker Punch.

Really I really see Sony marketing their games. I don't think I ever saw an ad for Heavy Rain. I did see it on a website (preview or something).

I didn't plan AW, but I think if it was over the top good it would have sold by word of mouth, same as most games sale.

finnhima2391d ago Show
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Kran2391d ago

I agree partially that Alan Wake should also have been on the PS3. But "would of done better"? It was Microsoft who pretty much saved Alan Wake, even if they did give it a poor release.

Leviathan2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Alan Wake was actually a reason I bought an xbox. I really liked that game.

*goes back to play catherine on ps3*

lelo2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Claiming that Alan Wake would of sold better on the PS3, just because Heavy Rain had good sales, that's BS.

Every console has exclusives that have poor sales. Exclusive games like Motorstorm 3, Socom 4, KZ 3, Infamous 2 and many others had poor sales on the PS3.

We can also find exclusives from X360 and Wii that had poor sales. A exclusive does not guaranty great sales.

beastgamer2391d ago

just think about playstation move with that flashlight. Alan Wake was a good game, it could of sold well if it was also on the ps3 and was feature with playstation move since they came around the same time i believe.

gaden_malak2391d ago

"Every console has exclusives that have poor sales. Exclusive games like Motorstorm 3, Socom 4, KZ 3, Infamous 2 and many others had poor sales on the PS3. "

Dude, just shut up.

2391d ago
ps3rulz2391d ago

Im sure as hell remember downloading a trailer for alan wake from the ps store when i bought my ps3 back in 08, wtf happend? or was i dreaming this lol

-EvoAnubis-2391d ago

Sorry, but yeah, you were clearly dreaming that.

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WhiteLightning2391d ago

"Lionhead Studios, Rare Ltd. and Turn 10 Studios are some of the examples of high quality devs that make exclusive titles for the Xbox brand."

They DID make high quality games, Lionhead keep on making Fable which has lost it's appeal, Turn 10 Studios just makes Forza games and Rare.....let's not even go there since Microsoft could of had so many good sequels from them Conker, Kameo, Perfect Dark and Banjo. Yet they didn't they cancelled the some of the sequels, especially Conkers OTHER bad fur day

kaveti66162391d ago

Forza is a very high quality series.

kaveti66162391d ago

Disagree all you want. Forza is a high quality series.

WetN00dle692391d ago

Indeed it is. Much better than that other title that reused the textures on more than half of the vehicles from their previous titles. Man did those cars look like crap.

Godchild10202391d ago

I agree but the only thing I like about Forza is the customization and the engine swapping. That is the second reason I bought back a 360.

I wouldn't have bought it or even looked at it if NFS would have keep the Customization. The NFS Underground series, one of the best series ever made.

Bring that series Back EA!

ChiVoLok02391d ago

If they would have made Conker I would have bought the 360 maybe rare should be bought by Nintendo again or if they were never owned by Nintendo they should go back to making Nintendo exclusives.

Godchild10202391d ago

Or at least go Multiplatform. Share the Love!

ChiVoLok02391d ago

@Godchild1020 You're actually right I mean I don't own any Nintendo systems or Microsoft systems so that's well said.

Pikajew2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Sony, MS and Nintendo should never buy any companies. I would rather see multiplatform games everyone can enjoy than an exclusive only some people can enjoy

MrSpace2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

The whole point of exclusives is to make you buy the console it's on, they are basicaly console sellers.

Exlusives also means that other consoles aren't holding a game back. L.A Noire was held back by the 360, GTA4 was and FF13.

Can you imagine an amazing looking game like Uncharted 2 on the 360

All this "everyone can enjoy them" crap is getting old, exclusives are made for a load of reasons.

EDIT: @omi25p shutup please...I meant the game it's self.

omi25p2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

There is an amazing looking game on the 360, Its called gears of war 3.

Yes i know what you ment, gears is great gameplay wize and graphically. I dont know why your getting upset, i didnt say uncharted 2 wasnt good.

I love Uncharted 2 and have got UC3 special edition on preorder.

Pikajew2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

A game doesn't need to look amazing to be fun. Uncharted would still be fun if it had N64 graphics.

We would still have exclusives. Sony goes to a company and asks if they can make them an exclusive, they dont need to own them for an exclusive

kaveti66162391d ago

Exclusives are made because the console companies need to force you to buy their consoles.

Outside of exclusives, why would I buy a 360 or PS3?

No reason whatsoever. Can you imagine if Sony had Naughty Dog develop Uncharted for PC? Or if Epic developed Gears 3 specifically for PC?

Or if Turn 10 developed Forza for PC?

Makes you think.

qwertyz2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )


If you think those games where held back by 360 you are a fool. those games sucked because of the developers especially FF13

look at crysis 1 a 6gb game have you seen that thing maxed out ? its an entire generation ahead of what you consolites have on your crappy console.what does that tell you ? killzone 3 s a 40gb game yet its still linear as hell crysis 1 environments where FULLY destructable and over 100 times bigger. the difference between ps3 and 360 isn't as much as you ps3 fanboys would like to believe have you seen crysis 2, forza 4 and gears 3 if you think they look horrible for console games you are sick in the head

talking about gta 4 your consoles held it back. check out how gta 4 looks with mods on pc and tell me if you think your ps3 can handle it

crysis 1 max

looks way better viewing this in real life than compressed youtube videos but you get what I mean.

even with your console exlusives being so linear they still cannot even match crysis 1 running MEDIUM settings(not even high, highest or with mods) with 8xAA 16xAF 1080p if you think I'm lying get pc and run it at those settings I could run it at the settings above at 60fps on my old gaming pc based on 2006 hardware that just goes to show your consoles where technologically dead in 2006(even before ps3 came out) :( PATHETIC

the following pc games are an entire GENERATION ahead of what you have on consoles

witcher 2
bad company 2
empire total war
napoleon total war
shogun 2 total war
crysis 1(even without mods)
crysis warhead
crysis 2(even without directx 11 patch or mods)
metro 2033
gta 4 with mods
stalker call of Pripyat
arma II

and by the end of this year the following will join the list:

elder scrolls V: skyrim
battlefield 3

If you think my list is B.S get a pc that can handle them maxed out and see for yourself. lol and you guys talk as if ps3 is a powerful machine when even a core 2 duo would destroy the cell.

the cell has SO many weaknesses read up on computer architecture and maybe you'll one day be intelligent enough to point them out. the IBM roadrunner version is far more powerful than the ps3 version of cell by the way even at that IBM still needed power6 and 7 to combat AMD and intel in the server market because teh cell wasn't enough LOL

MrSpace2391d ago

Sorry I'm a fool because I think the 360 holds MP games back with it's silly DVD disc format

Of course it does, Rockstar have admitted at cutting content from GTA4, L.A Noire cut content and FF13 did. The developers actually admitted it

Can you think about other MP games which could of been longer if they had been made for the PS3 OR if the 360 had a similar disc format as the PS3. Most games would be longer and I bet you the whole DLC content situation wouldn't be as bad aswell.

Why does everyone have to include PC gaming when we talk about the 360 dumbing down MP for the PS3.......we all know the PC is miles ahead but it's not a console is it so don't say "Oh well the PS3 dumbs down PC gaming" because you should blame the developer if they deicde to make console games...cough cough Crytek for Crysis 2...I bet that game could of been a lot better if it was made just for the PC.

Why o why2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

'Exclusives are made because the console companies need to force you to buy their consoles. '

I know drake and marcus have guns and stuff but they were never aimed at my head 'forcing' me to buy a console and the reasons those devs arent on pc maybe because you know, they may actually prefer their job working on consoles....kinda like a mechanic...some are ok working on german cars like bmw's whilst others may prefer italian like Ferrari. There are console games and there are pc games. If everything was so greener on the pc front you wouldnt have to mention where naughtydog and the likes would/should/could be working...They seem happy to me.. Whaddaya think

@ qwerty

dude, did you just throw up the dvd size of a pc game vs console.....does anybody wanna tell him or should i ¬_¬ and when was the last pc goty anyhow. consoles cant be all that bad now can they?

In regards to which studios ms should buy well thats easy, as many as they can. Even mediocre or small studios can be groomed to better levels and the start of next gen would probably start off a lot better for their fans IF ms had a few more studios under their belts. That way they can have a better core casual ratio of projects instead of the casual heavy one they have now. Sony took 3 gens to build what they have and MS have had 2. The difference is huge but different strokes for different folks i suppose. I know what model i prefer as im guessing it will be even harder to secure 3rd party exclusives. If thats the case then your differentiators will have to come from within. Not a biggie for everybody but its real important for many. Its still about the games

lelo2391d ago

Sooooooo... by your point of view... every game should be PC exclusive, since that's the most powerful hardware, and consoles are holding games back.

death2smoochie2391d ago

"Exlusives also means that other consoles aren't holding a game back. L.A Noire was held back by the 360, GTA4 was and FF13."

And yet the Xbox360 version of GTA4 was better than the PS3 version and was 720p unlike the PS3 version. Go figure MrSpace :P

starchild2391d ago

"The whole point of exclusives is to make you buy the console it's on, they are basicaly console sellers."

Yes, but that doesn't mean that it is good for gamers. They basically have your balls in a vice.

Exclusivity is not good for gamers. I hope the industry will eventually move towards a situation in which all games can be played by any gaming device, much the same way that we can watch any DVD on any brand or model of DVD player.

Exclusivity brings far more negatives than positives.

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TKCMuzzer2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Whats the point of having different consoles? You are suggesting something that would stagnate the industry and prevent any kind of innovation going forward. Competition drives the industry.

Plus your second comment says we will still have exclusives if Sony asks 3rd party companies. You seem confused. There is more profit in it for Sony if they make it themselves, they would have to pay for 3rd party exclusivity. Thats not good business.

Pikajew2391d ago

What I mean is. Each Company already its owns devs to make them exclusives. And they can go to third party companies and ask to make them exclusives, but they shouldnt buy the third party devs. if MS buy Epic, we would only see a BulletStorm sequel on the xbox, we should see a sequel to that game on all systems not only one of them.

Assassin Nawabi2391d ago

May be they should buy Respawn Entertainment... those call of duty guys :)

Urrakia342391d ago

They belong to EA so I imagine it would cost a fortune, not that EA would even be willing to sell that studio.