Strap it on with Saints Row 3 writer Drew Holmes

VGW: What has Saints Row: The Third done to distinguish itself from Grand Theft Auto? How does writing factor into overall game design? How can ambitious writers get into the game industry? Can the latest Saints Row hope to compete inside an insane November release window? Why did Volition decide to take a decidedly linear approach with Red Faction: Armageddon?

All of these questions and many more get answered, as VGW sits down with Volition’s Drew Holmes.

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J86blum2361d ago

Saints Row you make me laugh just the headline before I read the artical i thought is there going to be strap ons as well now.

killyourfm2361d ago

VGW actually lobbied for a dildo replica in the Platinum Edition, but dice :D

J86blum2361d ago

lol weak.. imagine if u got that for christmas and your parents were like..something you need to tell us. cause its the BIG purple one showed off during gameplay.

I dont think i could defende that.

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