The Far Reaching Influence of The Minish Cap

"I recently played through The Minish Cap again. It was the first time I had completed the game (and the first time I had truly spent time playing the game) since it was originally released in 2005. I was surprised to see that, even after six years and significant changes, The Minish Cap has greatly influenced every Legend of Zelda title released since 2005."

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kesvalk2513d ago

IMO minish cap is the best zelda game, ever!

RockmanII72513d ago

I honestly think Minish Cap is the best handheld game ever, but I never played Spirit Tracks or the other LoZ DS game.

user8586212513d ago

why dont people ever like the cell shaded zelda games, imo they're the best looking zelda games ever!!!!

mike1up2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Minish Cap was cool, but definitely not anywhere near as good as my top 3 (A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask).

Nice article (i love Zelda!), but i disagree with the amount significance given to Minish Cap. i think that A Link to the Past has always been the most influential Zelda title (the hookshot, the dual world theme, and describing the events of the Seal War).

Cpt_kitten2513d ago

i loved this game but my top Zelda game is Links awakening

LordMegatron2513d ago

Completely agree, Link's Awakening was my favorite as well

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