David Jaffe provides more specific details as to why Twisted Metal was delayed

David Jaffe has provided more specific details as to why his upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive title, Twisted Metal, was delayed until early next year.

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BitbyDeath2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I don't mind as long as it releases at least a few weeks/months before Starhawk.

subtenko2509d ago

Jaffe is awesome! He and his team care about their fans more than a lot of other devs thats for sure! Sony is awesome for backing them.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

gunnerforlife2509d ago

disagreed just cuz you asked us too agree or disagree with you lol
this aint youtube where you ask for thumbs up :P

EVILDEAD3602509d ago

Best move ever..T.M. Was about to get ate alive going up against Rage and even Dark Souls. Not to mention other high profile games in the vicinity. Sony really should have given it another shot at the stage at E3. If they promote it well TM might do better early next year. Taking either the Killzone 3 slot or even getting another crack at E3 and releasing that week like Infamous 2 did. But either way this endures the game could finally build some needed momentum and get the attention it deserves.

Again IMO..this is good news regardless of the reasons


BattleAxe2508d ago

Honor and respect all the way.

FaulkinPunch2508d ago

@gunnerforlife and where exactly did he ask for a thumbs up? He said Agree or Disagree if you Agree, which means even if you Disagree, you actually Agree to his comment.

I also agree with his comment, I really like the Twisted Metal series, Twisted Metal 2 was awesome and they should take their time with this one.

p.s. subtenko, I 'disagreed' too ;D

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showtimefolks2509d ago

jaffe may be right about more polish time and all and this game will benefit from the delay in 2 ways

more time for polish and maybe a public beta to fix whatever needs to be fixed

and it would not have done as well launching this fall with so many other ps3 exclusives and other AAA titles in general

I have said it in the past that TM needs to be delayed and i am glad sony did that so this game can get its time in spotlight when it launch in 2012 with a lot more success

TheLastGuardian2509d ago

"and it would not have done as well launching this fall with so many other ps3 exclusives and other AAA titles in general"

I don't get why people are saying this about Twisted Metal. Nearly any game would have better sales by getting away from all the big holiday releases. Why is Twisted Metal the game that would flop if it were released this year? Why would someone skip Twisted Metal for another game?

Twisted Metal was delayed because it needs more polish, not to avoid other games.

showtimefolks2509d ago

it will have more time for polish. But combat racing games have not done well in general this generation. Tm has a huge fanbase

It could have done 2 millions by end of the year or it could have done 800k in the same time frame.

when you are kind of relaunching a IP like sony is with TM, Its been a while seen we saw a TM game so this is kind of a reboot and you don't want your reboot to be lost in shuffle

now when it launches in early 2012 sony will have less exclusives launching around it. Sony will support it more in advertisement since they won't have other AAA games like TM to advertise.

David jaffe was asked on gttv about if the game would be delayed he said it flat out no and they are on schedule so what changed?

I am a huge TM fan and i can tell you one thing i am more excited for it in 2012 than i was in 2011 just because of how many other games i will get and the time to play them all will not be there

I am hoping by launching in 2012 and with right kind of advertisement done this game could end up selling 3-5 million easy when by the time ps3's install base could be over 60 million

so david jaffe wins
we win as we get a much better more polished product

and after its success i can see sony buying eat sleep and play

RememberThe3572509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Twisted Metal has been basically gone for a long time; on the PS2 it was pretty hardcore and a lot more niche than Sony wants this game to be. And frankly the game isn't getting much hype. Car combat isn't on many peoples radar so this new generation of gamers really doesn't recognize it. It's like Jaffe has been saying this whole time, people need to be reintroduced to Twisted Metal and a busy holiday season to do that. The other games that Sony is releasing are much more recent and much more familiar to current gamers.

Plus, Jaffe can't rely on name alone, we all saw what happened with Socom 4 and how horrible that game turned out to be. Zipper is falling off fast because they're letting their quality standards fall while trying to rely on same alone. Jaffe can't let that happen to Twisted Metal and it's looking like he wont have to.

antz11042508d ago

Twisted Metal is amazing but they haven't put out a title in 11 years. And in btw #2 and Black there were a lot of flops. This is a whole new gen of gamers experiencing TM.

Kleptic2508d ago

you say 'car combat' hasn't done well this generation...which I kind of agree with, but in a sense that very few 'car combat' games have even come out so far...

Burnout paradise has some car combat like elements (open world nature, tons of races with wrecking other cars being the primary goal, etc.)...but not in a sense of having weapons...

Wipeout HD, which did very well considering its downloadable nature, also had some elements (weapons) but was still primarily a circuit racing game...

i'm just mentioning these two examples as they both did extremely well overall...

the only full car combat game I know of this generation, at least for the PS3, was that launch title Full Auto: battlelines or whatever...and it was junk...

Twisted Metal has no real direct competition this in released or on the horizon...that is a good thing i guess, but because there is no competition, there also isn't any real current genre for it...TM for the PS3 could start that genre back up again, but who looks to be a great game regardless...

but polish reasons aside, its clear TM wouldn't get a lot of attention in the holiday season...its not a shooter...and sadly most of everything focuses on exactly that...doesn't mean it wouldn't sell well, just means potential buyers that are on the fence probably wouldn't even hear about it...

mastiffchild2508d ago

AAAAANd I can tell you, as fact, aand as a UK gamer that hardly ANY EU gamers have a CLUE about the franchise. Even now , after seeing it played, seen the E3 stuff, vids and watched some of the old games on Youtube it's total mystery to me how it plays and I've been gaming since the 70s!

Jaffe has said he felt the original games weren't subtle enough for EU/Jpn gamers, whatever that really means, and over here there';s been NO noise about TMPS3 AT ALL-even for a Sony exclusive it's been silent. If, as Sony and DJ have both intimated, they want TM to be a global, rather than NA heavy, franchise they're going to have to use this polishing time to promote the hell out of the game as well or it's sinking without trace in the EU/UK yet again. the only one in the series I ever read about in a UK PS mag was the first one which, then, never appeared in many stores-I've NEVER seen a TM in a shop in the UK-fact!

Add to that the fact 360 is more popular in the US and it could also be that MOST TM fans do not even game on PS3. I think it's going to be hard for it to succeed. I'd love to support it but without a big demo or beta to whet appetites and show what it's about and give non fans a go at it I think it doesn't matter what they do with it as it's going to be too niche and too few fans will be around on PS3 to make it a success. Hope I'm wrong but I don't think Sony EVER pushed the series in the EU and starting now seems a bit late.

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afterMoth2509d ago

We all know the truth. This fall schedule is saturated with high quality PS3 games. It would be one thing if TW released on the 360 where there isn't much to buy but with a ridiculously awesome selection already, adding one more awesome game, somebody is going to lose out.

blumatt2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Yeah, when you've got to choose from so many exclusives, it makes it difficult to buy them all. It would be different if we were in the situation where there was only one PS3 exclusive coming out. That would suck. :P

I'll be buying the game day one. I miss playing Twisted Metal back in the day and the gameplay they showed at E3 2010 looked awesome.

@Prcko (below me)
Well said man!

Prcko2509d ago

''60 bucks is a S**TE TON to ask for so if we are going to charge that, you deserve our best...even if it takes a little longer than we anticipated''

Jaffe you just recived 60 bucks from me,so day 1 :))

Buho2509d ago

LOL Jaffe is a cool dude. Day 1 buy for me as well! Been waiting so long for a next-gen Twisted Metal.

ChiVoLok02509d ago

This will be good as I will have one less game to chose to play this holiday and give me time to put in some progress into the others before this comes out.

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