This Is How You Jedi On Kinect

Dual Pixels - Star Wars Kinect may not seem like much to the everyday gamer, but in reality it has a lot of potential. At first, I didn't think much of Star Wars Kinect, it was simply "another Kinect game", but after some hands-on time, it's actually something good in the making.

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fr0sty2452d ago

Rails are so fun! Ask Charlie Sheen!

Army_of_Darkness2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

I hope another developer is already working on a move version only of star wars to show how fun and good it can actually be! the dude playing looks so depressed like" WTF is this shit?! only Gears3 and a ton of kinect crap to look forward too on xbox?!"

Bigpappy2452d ago

May the force be with you. Hopefully there would be a Move version next year, and you guy would calm down by then.

fooxy2452d ago ShowReplies(1)
Darrius Cole2452d ago

They got to show me more than that.

KingSlayer2452d ago

Can totally live without this game.

Bzone242452d ago

But you can't live without commenting on a game you don't want.

KingSlayer2452d ago Show
Bereaver2451d ago

I'm tired of the "If you don't like it then don't comment" attitude. I don't understand where it even comes from.

It's like, you can't voice your opinion unless it's a good one? How would the world be today if no one complained?

Let me guess Bzone24, you want hundreds of kinect games just like this right? Screw school Halo, screw Gears, screw every other xbox game, I want more of this awesome kinectsauce.

Listen, I'm all for kinect(yes, I have one) being a part of gaming, as long as it's done well. And it just isn't happening right now beyond the dance games.

Bzone242451d ago

So he can voice his opinion, but I can't voice my opinion on his comment?

SixZeroFour2451d ago

@bereaver - heres the things, its totally fine voicing an opinion, but if its a negative comment and about a specific thing you know you arent/dont like and then constantly go into articles about that same thing you dont like and trash it, why bother going into it in the first place

its a waste of said persons time and a waste of everyone elses time cause it most likely doesnt bring anything constructive to the table

a person goes into an article and finds out he/she doesnt like a product/game or what have you from said article and voices it in the comments - thats fine, its was the first time he/she found out about this new opinion

a person then goes into other articles about that same product/game after already knowing he/she doesnt like it and constantly voices that (usually repetetive) hate towards article - not fine, we already heard it before and dont really dont want to keep hearing about it

now im not necessarily saying thats the case here, im just trying to explain to bereaver that whole "if you dont like it then dont comment" situation

Bereaver2451d ago

@Bzone and SixZeroFour

You've got to be kidding me right? Did you even try to read into my comment? I'm not going to bother with you anymore after this comment.

If you don't voice your opinion about things then how will they change and improve?

Like I said, I guess you just want more of this style of game. And, if it's true... I guess it's ok. But just because you like it, doesn't mean the vast majority of the 360 like it. Most have been alienated by it.

And who said you couldn't voice your opinion Bzone24? Did I say anywhere that you can't? Or did I in fact say that I don't understand why people wouldn't let you post your opinion.

SixZeroFour2450d ago

@bereaver - whether you reply or not, i just hope you read this

"If you don't voice your opinion about things then how will they change and improve?"

we are talking about a comment section here, not official forums of a specific game/developer...there is almost 0% chance that the developer would see or even read your comment for it to be even taken seriously, and again i was just commenting on your situation with the whole" if you dont like it then dont comment" thing and was specifically a reply to you, not this article or this game or even kinect...your post at 4.1.5 doesnt look like it has anything to do with what i wrote to you, so dont know why you addressed me in that comment

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VINNIEPAZ2452d ago

Cuz when it comes down to it nobody gives a rats ass what you buy

KingSlayer2452d ago

You earned a star for common sense.

madara0sama2452d ago

Kinect is for kids. No hardcore gamer would even want to play on the kinect if they did it's gotta be some ingenious puzzle like game unlike most kinect games. If I wanted a workout I would go workout outside something kids need to do these days instead of playing modern warfare 2 inside all day. Kinect is not for someone like me. Jedi on kinect is for little kids ages 6-10 but hey whatever suits you.

Raven_Nomad2452d ago

I own a Kinect and play it and I'm in my 20's. I think your confusing what a gamer is, most true gamer's don't label themselves. It's only idiot fanboy's who try to win arguments that put labels on people. I play games, all kinds, all kinds of consoles, different ways ect... Yet I play competitively as well...Guess I blew your theory out of the water huh? Bet you didn't see it going that way for ya huh?

madara0sama2452d ago

Well good for you. I don't care about you trying to justify your purchase of this piece crap.

Bzone242452d ago

And nobody cares about you trashing people for purchasing something they want and enjoy.

FragMnTagM2452d ago

I usually don't agree too much with Raven as he has some pretty bad comments, but I fully agree with him on this. I really like the Kinect and the kids, wife, friends and I all have fun on it.

I play the hardest of "hardcore" games on my PS3, 360 and PC, and can enjoy new tech with the Kinect.

Just because you think you are too "cool" to use the Kinect, doesn't mean that others can't enjoy it.

Why you got to be such an arse about it? If you don't like it, why bother commenting?

Bereaver2451d ago

Raven, what games do you play on Kinect? How long have you had it?

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