Breath of Death VII Review-CPG

Breath of Death VII is styled in the spirit of the classic NES RPG. This game has all of the elements of the genre, top down game map which you navigate until you find a dungeon, random combat encounters, turn based combat system, traditional evil has swept the land and you must stop it story line, and of course epic boss battles. It’s an old formula that we’ve all grown up on and love, but what does this game do to modernize an old classic? (continued)

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3GenGames2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I bought this and wasn't impressed. A dead-simple to implement movement system that has dragon warrior type movement but not graphics or feel just doesn't do that great. I know it's not supposed to be a new game but bringing a bunch of nostalgic elemtents into it, but the gameplay just needs too have a better vibe and general game to develop around and not just based on it being based on retro RPG's. And sadly I must say I love retro RPG's and only play them, but this just isn't anywhere close to the quality of one.

And on a side note: If you want a great undiscovered RPG to play, Crystalis for the NES is the best RPG on the NES without contest, give it a try! :) Sadly the GBC port wasn't of the same quality at all, but the NES version is miles ahead of any other game on the NES as for an RPG/Action Adventure.

crossplatformgamers2262d ago

yeah I must admit I played the game simply for the nostalgia factor