Gamer dies of Blood Clot: True or False?

Jennifer Newsome says "I’m sure by this point many of you will have seen the article titled by many, “XBOX Gamer Dies of Blood Clot after Marathon Session.” To many, this news is going to cause concern for their children or their loved ones who are gamers. This article is going to help put these concerns to rest and help everyone understand that one session of gaming will not be enough to cause a healthy person blood clots, typically referred to in the medical community as Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVTs, without having some sort of comorbidity present."

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TinaLauro2416d ago

Like Jennifer Newsome points out, gaming was not the cause of death here. This was a totally unfortunate, unexpected event caused by some sort of underlying ailment.

Agent Smith2416d ago

Even if he die of a blood clot, it's his parents fault. If you see your son play video games for 12 hours straight, tell him to get off his ass and go outside.

TinaLauro2416d ago

This is a good point - parents should police their children's activity. The gent in question was 20, though, so is pretty autonomous from their control.

The responsibility lies with an individual just as much - don't keep up unhealthy habits, and always look out for your personal health.

To clarify, he did die of a blood clot, but the cause of that was not gaming, in my opinion.

Pikajew2416d ago

We are having so much news about gamers dying

ares21al2416d ago

The problem is as you can see from this article its not really about the gamers playing its about the age old problem of moderation. Dont sit completely still fo 72 hours using a freaking bedpan to game get up every 20 mins or so

pungello882416d ago

Totally agree with you, moderation is the key to everything in life

rmoar2416d ago

I remember when kids would go outside and play every once in awhile.