10 Years Ago This Week

TPV Writer Cal Writes: "The video game industry has changed so dramatically in the couple of decades. We’ve seen the death of arcades, the transition to 3D, the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh generations of consoles. But most significantly we’ve seen the maturation of gaming as an entertainment medium.

As a film student, I can’t help but draw comparisons between the two industries. Looking back through history, it becomes plainly obvious that gaming is, by movie standards, still enjoying its early adolescence."

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BootHammer2512d ago

Interesting article! It's very cool to see what was hot 10 years ago this week. Ah the days of Quakecon...

Jonmau52512d ago

Bubble up for you sir!

Yes I agree, when this writer had covered the article I read it and remembered back to those days... A memory that sprung to my mind was when I remember playing Metal Gear Solid 1 for the first time and being blown away by the graphics!!!!

Now they look... not so hot... lol

BootHammer2512d ago that takes me back! I chipped my PS1 so I could play imports and ordered Metal Gear. You can imagine how hard it was to beat when everything was in Japanese, haha. But still I loved it and finished it numerous times.

And I agree it's pretty funny to look back at games that at the time, looked so realistic and now look like...well like you stated so well, "not so hot", haha.

Jonmau52512d ago

Wow! Playing Japanese must have made the story hard to follow! lol That is cool though!

I think seeing footprints in the snow was the first thing that made me think... wow... this game is more realistic than any other game ever.... Looking back now with the games and technology we have, small things like that we don't notice now... we expect it!