Voice Acting and the Future of RPGs

GR - "Voice acting is as ubiquitous as loot gathering in RPGs today. With a few exceptions, every character in modern RPGs has a voice. The reason for this is because in addition to the visual upgrades that every game has received over the years, the move towards cinematic presentation has made voice acting a necessity."

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Neckbear2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

What a terrible article.

A mute character can feel out of place in a world where everyone speaks, yes, but that's missing the point; that character -is- you, or at least the tools given to you, the player, to interact with the game's world. It's -your- character, or at least gives the impression (illusion, perhaps?) of being one.

Second; Mass Effect and Dragon Age II are, by far, some of the worst examples of actual role-playing, let alone by a defined character. For all its flaws, if something Alpha Protocol did right, was giving you actual role-playing, and would be a far better example. I mean, in Mass Effect and Dragon Age 2, both, your choices impact little, if nothing, of the whole game, at least in CRPG/WRPG standards. A defined character, buncha paths you can take (and even then, most of them are similar!), and lots of character interaction you only get the illusion of controlling with your inane "be good or be an asshole" choice wheel. The latter aside, that's pretty much a visual novel with pseudo-RPG combat mechanics tacked on.

The choices the player makes in this kind of faux-"role-playing" are nothing but that, fatuous.

As for the whole "interaction with the enviorment", has the writer even played a CRPG of old? That was their main point, for crying out loud! Depending on your stats, equipment and alignment/morality status, you could interact with the enviorment in much different ways- if anything, RPGs of today are the ones fixed on rails.

Regarding this: "There’s just no good argument for retaining the dice-rolling and statistics-heavy gameplay mechanics of pen and paper RPGs from which computer RPGs derived"

...BUT THAT'S WHAT AN RPG CONSISTS OF, YOU RETARD. Jesus christ, never before I've heard such an astonishingly retarded comment like that. Role-playing videogames inherited that from Pen and Paper RPGs, and that's what makes them RPGs- as in, the genre. Computer RPGs DO embrace its medium; and that's what constitutes it! Drop numbers and about every action-adventure game becomes a friggin' RPG, for god's sake!

And, by last, in my personal opinion; voice acting has done but limit RPGs more and more, just like most modern features. Now we get less content; less choices, less dialogue and less exploration due to the fact they had to voice god-knows how many lines and wasted humungous amounts of money in that. It's just like pretty graphics; a cancer that limits games much more than they imporove 'em.

I'll take an RPG of old with twenty dialogue choices, and a descriptive narration that paints any conversation much more vividly than any shiny cutscene ever will, over voice acting and shiny, highly-detailed graphics. As, you see, no current generation game has been able to deliver both; the logical conclusion to take is that they're limited in some way, shape or form- that usually being collateral to many of modern game's advantages.

e-p-ayeaH2480d ago

"The future is in the past" - japanese videogame industry

rataranian2480d ago

Just make sure anyone from FFXIII is NEVER hired again.